Sketch – Jon Snow

This pic started out as a sketch in my Moleskine watercolour book while I watched over two subsequent classes sitting an exam. 2011 seems to be the year of rediscovered fandoms – first excessive Silmarillion, and now the first “A Song of Ice and Fire” artwork since 2003.
I really love the HBO series, it’s extremely well done – the term “epic” really fits here. But Kit Harington is totally not my Jon Snow, so I needed to remind myself of what mine looked like.
Funny that he turned out to look like — Peter Petrelli. It had never occurred to me, but Jon always looked like Milo Ventimiglia in my head even before I’d ever seen Milo Ventimiglia. So I allowed Jon to stay that way.
If you’ve only seen the series: he gets that scar later on in the books. Book three, I think.
Stay tuned for the watercolour…

Facebook off, Blogspot on.

Yesterday, I rediscovered this blogspot address that I’d set up way back in 2009. I’d never done anything with it, though I wanted to. A good thing it was there though – it was keeping the username warm!
At the same time, I found myself getting more and more exasperated by Facebook. I was getting too many FB invitations from people who’d just have added me to their four hundred twenty-six other friends (and I, them, to my eighty-three). I was getting too many invitations to events that everybody who knows me knew I would not be able to get to anyway. I reconnected with people I hadn’t seen in ten, even twenty years, and at first I thought, Whoo! We’ve reconnected! No, we haven’t. We’ve been congealed in each other’s facebook collection. Hundreds of colourful little icons you don’t care about.
So I hit “deactivate account”. And was assaulted by a clever assortment of FB friends’ icons telling me: “We’ll miss you!” No, you won’t. You seriously won’t. You either see me every week, or you won’t even notice my icon is gone from your collection of four hundred. My cursor hovered over the “Yes, deactivate” for no longer than five seconds. Which is a damn short time for something so many people can’t seem to live without.
So, hello Blogspot! Cheers to random ramblings that people only have to read if they care! I promise I’ll keep a balance between rambling and art from now on. At least fifty-fifty.