Fingon’s decision – plus detail shots

The other of the Tolkien commisions I mentioned in my last post – finally finished!

Fingon’s Decision

Fingon from Tolkien’s Silmarillion, resolving to rescue his cousin Maedhros.
Pencil lineart and watercolour. The border panels were drawn with a H pencil.
Time spent: Really hard to tell as I did this in so many snatched quarter hours over the weeks. Probably around ten hours total.

Detail shots: Maedhros, standing aside as the ships are burned at Losgar; Fingon making his way through the Helcaraxë (next to him: Glorfindel); two Orcs cowering under a rock, dreading the light of the newly-risen sun. Click to enlarge! :)

One thought on “Fingon’s decision – plus detail shots

  1. And oh, how you’ve caught the expression and feeling of “decision”, utterly and completely. He is gorgeous.

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