New Year, New Home, New Drive

Still want to get rid of that awfully squaresville graveyard shrubbery there.

Happy New Year to everyone! Please excuse the long radio silence – the last year was frantically busy and altogether rather unpleasant. The good thing is: We’ve moved into our new home, have unpacked (almost) all boxes, and I feel more sorted and well-ordered than I ever have in years. It’s a strange feeling to have come to the place you’ll grow old in. But also a good one.

These photos were taken last spring, obviously.

The moving itself was not fun – so much went wrong; we had so little help; but it’s over, we’re here, and it’s beautiful here. It’s a cosy little wooden house (really all made of wood – the stone façade there is really just a façade) with a huge cherry tree in the garden.

I’ve finally got one of my biggest wishes: Two separate desks for drawing/school work, and for my computer, so that I’m not distracted so much with the two former. A nicely large desk with nothing on it regularly, just what I put there for any given task. That sets free huge amounts of creativity, I can tell you.

Plus, a daylight lamp that keeps me from messing up my colours when I’m painting at night. (And also keeps one nicely awake.)

We’ve even got a hobby room in the basement – without windows, so naturally, it’s for the sort of hobby that requires the absence of daylight: role-playing! :D We’ve got an entire room in our house devoted to RPG and comics. Another heart’s desire fulfilled for my hubby and me! Photos to come. :D

Rune-drawing on New Year’s Eve has given me Inguz, Nordic rune of fertility, promising a very fruitful year. I’m normally not into these things, but somehow, all the runes I’ve ever drawn have proved incredibly accurate. (Quite opposed to the absolutely identical axolotls that I always get when we do lead-pouring for New Year’s Eve, and the meaning of which I have yet to find out.) So this year, I hope to do a lot of art and I’m determined to get my book going again.

The holidays are almost over, but I’ve been able to spend some time on drawing – it’s always a cool feeling to do a first painting in a new house.

I’m working on several commissions simultaneously; one Silmarillion, two Harry Potter – and the one that looks most likely to make it to number one in 2012 will be a follow-up to “Fingolfin’s Challenge“:

“And Morgoth came.”

Just a digital colour mockup as of now; the final piece will be watercolour.

Here’s to 2012!