New Year, New Home, New Drive

Still want to get rid of that awfully squaresville graveyard shrubbery there.

Happy New Year to everyone! Please excuse the long radio silence – the last year was frantically busy and altogether rather unpleasant. The good thing is: We’ve moved into our new home, have unpacked (almost) all boxes, and I feel more sorted and well-ordered than I ever have in years. It’s a strange feeling to have come to the place you’ll grow old in. But also a good one.

These photos were taken last spring, obviously.

The moving itself was not fun – so much went wrong; we had so little help; but it’s over, we’re here, and it’s beautiful here. It’s a cosy little wooden house (really all made of wood – the stone façade there is really just a façade) with a huge cherry tree in the garden.

I’ve finally got one of my biggest wishes: Two separate desks for drawing/school work, and for my computer, so that I’m not distracted so much with the two former. A nicely large desk with nothing on it regularly, just what I put there for any given task. That sets free huge amounts of creativity, I can tell you.

Plus, a daylight lamp that keeps me from messing up my colours when I’m painting at night. (And also keeps one nicely awake.)

We’ve even got a hobby room in the basement – without windows, so naturally, it’s for the sort of hobby that requires the absence of daylight: role-playing! :D We’ve got an entire room in our house devoted to RPG and comics. Another heart’s desire fulfilled for my hubby and me! Photos to come. :D

Rune-drawing on New Year’s Eve has given me Inguz, Nordic rune of fertility, promising a very fruitful year. I’m normally not into these things, but somehow, all the runes I’ve ever drawn have proved incredibly accurate. (Quite opposed to the absolutely identical axolotls that I always get when we do lead-pouring for New Year’s Eve, and the meaning of which I have yet to find out.) So this year, I hope to do a lot of art and I’m determined to get my book going again.

The holidays are almost over, but I’ve been able to spend some time on drawing – it’s always a cool feeling to do a first painting in a new house.

I’m working on several commissions simultaneously; one Silmarillion, two Harry Potter – and the one that looks most likely to make it to number one in 2012 will be a follow-up to “Fingolfin’s Challenge“:

“And Morgoth came.”

Just a digital colour mockup as of now; the final piece will be watercolour.

Here’s to 2012!

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Home, New Drive

  1. Hübsches Häuschen + vor allem Garten. Der Eingang sieht tatsächlich ein bißchen wie ein Grab aus, am besten finde ich aber den Hinweis auf "Rollenspiele" im Darkroom ;) …

  2. Oh, please, please get your book going again! (Of course I wouldn't mind the occasional drawing). And for what it's worth, I absolutely envy you for having a seperate gaming room.

  3. Danke Nikolas! :) Das Pult kommt jetzt richtig zu neuen Ehren, weil ich ENDLICH richtig Platz dafür habe. Leider hat es die Kälte im Keller nicht gut verkraftet, wo es ungefähr nen Monat stand, bis wir das Haus so weit hergerichtet hatten, dass ich mich traute, es hochzuholen. :/ Der Rahmen hat sich dabei wohl verzogen, und die Scheibe ist an einer Stelle lose. Wie kann ich das wieder befestigen, hast du nen Tipp?

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