Noldolantë – Detail shots

Detail shots of Noldolantë; pencil and watercolour wash on watercolour paper. Click to enlarge.


Maedhros, Fëanor, Maglor, and Curufin

Teleri Elves

“So it remains lost to history… but you know those feelings you get when you read the Silmarillion? The sudden blow of sadness when Finrod dies? The indescribable elation when Turgon appears during the Battle of Unnumbered Tears? That’s the folk memory of Noldolantë. Deep down inside, all Silmarillion fans know the song… The true beauty of the Silmarillion.”

3 thoughts on “Noldolantë – Detail shots

  1. You have so many meaningful drawing! I really admire your style!:) Im sure ive told you before, on DA, but im really mesmerized by every picture you make!^^ I wish i had your imagination! :)

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