The Middle-earth traveller’s sketchbook

After looking around and asking at different art stores, it turned out that there’s no pastel paper sketchbooks to be had. So the wonderful Erin pointed me to a tutorial of how to make your own sketchbook.

Now I’m horribly clumsy with craft (you wouldn’t believe it), but this one was basic enough that I was able to follow it and come up with somethig that looks quite good, even though it would probably give anyone in the book-binding business a heart attack. XD

First steps:

I then printed out a map of Beleriand in the First Age (to give it that Tolkien feel), ripped it up so it was easier to handle,and pasted it around the book with casein glue. I got some waterproof one, so the book feels nicely smooth now and should be able to withstand most hardships it’ll be exposed to in the mess that is my handbag. :D
What’s so cool about it is that the texture of the cover feels like an actual, age-old book. I own a sixteenth-century edition of the works of Seneca (which my parents gave me for my University degree), and the cover absolutely looks and feels the same. Just fewer bookworm-holes on the inside. :D
I can’t wait to fill this one with sketches! ^_____^

5 thoughts on “The Middle-earth traveller’s sketchbook

  1. Wow! That looks amazing! I, too, was looking for some pastel paper sketchbooks recently, after using white pencil in my Sketch-A-Day Project every day so far, with no luck… thank you for posting a link to the tutorial, I will definitely have to try this! How artistically nerdy to have a custom sketchbook…. love it! :)

  2. It looks wonderful! :) I was planning on making my own pastel paper sketchbook as well since I couldn't find any. Thanks for sharing the steps.

  3. Wow! That looks wonderful! For someone who’s not crafty, especially :)
    One question: What’s waterproof one?

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