Silmarillion sketches

I broke in my new sketchbook over the past week, with, of course, loads and loads of Silmarillion sketches.

As always, click to enlarge!

Fingon the Valiant plunged in for a start. I think I was still warming up there.

A doodled Maglor followed on the upper right; mainly because I’d been looking at pretty photographs of pretty cloaks and wanted to do folds. Maglor always begs for flowy fabric.

Then I doodled some Maedhros-being-captured scenes. I’d really like to revisit one of them. I especially like the one in the centre. The right mix of wrath and fear. I might be getting morbid and do some more captured sketches…

Pencil and gouache on coloured paper just begged for Aredhel the White. I really like how she turned out here, though it seems I couldn’t quite decide which Aredhel she was – the one trying to escape Eöl, or the only who had not yet met him but walked through Nan Elmoth unafraid. Maybe there’s a bit of both in her.


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