Yavanna, Giver of Fruits

It’s incredible how this new sketchbook and gouache technique is breaking through blockades. I suddenly find myself grabbing sketchbook and pencil again on a whim, like reading a passage and thinking, “Oh, I’ll do Yavanna!” Not, “What colours will I use? What format? What pose will I put her in? And why not do Maedhros anyway while I’m trying to decide all that?”
Just this. Spark of inspiration – grab material – sketch – put in gouache – fixate. Close sketchbook. Wait for next spark of inspiration. Repeat.

So, here is Yavanna, Giver of Fruits, Goddess of all things that grow in Tolkien’s legendarium. I always imagined her a lot like Demeter (and small wonder).

Doing all these little (and not so little) sketches really brings me back to my student days. I had a “homework book” that I kept outwardly for writing down assignments, but that was just an alibi; it was little more than a Silmarillion sketchbook. I drew all those minor and minimal characters at times when my mind was reasonably free and my hands needed something to do, and it was so incredibly rewarding. So is this.



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