It ends in flame – progress

That other picture I had lying is taking shape: The final moment of Maedhros.

First, as this seems to have become the thing to do, I’ll share the 1995 version. Yes, I was prolific in 1995.

Note Maedhros’ clothes. I can only surmise that this is what I understood by “they disguised themselves” – he took off his mint-green tights!

So, the 2012 version was to become… slightly more dramatic.

I started with a digital scribble (and another self-photoshoot which I won’t share this time because *I* was wearing rather unflattering tights – not mint green, but still):

Initially, I had it vertical, but was quickly convinced that horizontal showed all the scope of tragedy. I also decided I didn’t want to show his face but convey all the impact by the fiery surroundings and his pose.

I then hunted for inspiration for the linework, and found it in the works of Arthur Rackham.

I’m going to attempt a rather light colouring for this one – possibly with coffee. I saw that used today again in katarina-san‘s gallery and the way it stains looks so incredibly cool. (If you don’t know her stuff, you absolutely have to go see it!)

Painting with coffee was a BLAST. It shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun with such a terrible scene.  I didn’t manage to document all stages for this one – too busy experimenting and tweaking. But I’ve got more up – a full coffee tutorial over the next few days. ^^

The finished image. Click to enlarge!

22 thoughts on “It ends in flame – progress

  1. I’m glad 2012 is prolific, too! The line art looks great, fantastic swirls of lava and hair. Poor Nelyo.
    Only I’m worried how will you manage to give him the mint-green tights with coffee ;)

        • Of course, I do too, today. That was the… seventh? coloured picture I had done in my life, and I had never bothered to imagine what Elves wore really. I’d always drawn with a vague belted tunic (or just shirt) and something that must have been rather thin if it showed their packages so clearly *giggle*

          • Indeed those details are exposed ;D I wouldn’t have guts for such details in ’95 XD My only JRRT related image is from ’98 – Legolas & co – and folks wear there loose knee-long tunics and sort of trousers (not fit, nor loose, could be hippie style) and cloaks; all loosely detailed if at all. Of course they are floating on white. I really like your old images, clearly you put a lot of thought into them, planed clothes, poses and environment, not just drew a face and then whatever followed. Coming back to the tights the latest Maedhros seems to wear such trousers, too, that’s why I asked :)

  2. Do you realize you are single-handedly turning the Silmarillion into a picture book. I shared before how I couldn’t bare to read it for a third time… and yet now I must…. your illustrations are so amazingly good. I pray you will never grow tired of the inspiration of sadness…. (yes, this is after many glasses of Darioush Cabernet Franc). So well done.

      • It’s because of these ‘missing moments’ of yours that I went to the library the other day and asked for Silmarillion, Sadly, the English book is not available at the moment. So I am thinking of buying it.
        If anybody asks me I’ll just say I am ‘improving my English’.

        Also, common coffee has no right to look so vibrant and awesome. My jaw dropped when I enlarged the final version. :)

  3. I’m so in love with the dynamism inherent in the new composition!

    Of course, I’m wondering if there will be a little tribute to the mint-green tights hidden somewhere in the picture. :)

  4. Oh, this is beautiful! Poor Maedhros… (Noldor logic: Silmaril burns? Let’s jump into a volcano. There should be an Advice Maedhros or something.)

    • YES. XD
      The entire house smells of it. Though that may be the three-drops-of-water-with-one-package-of-instant-espresso solution I’ve had standing here for three days.

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