One Maglor, please. Milk, two sugars.

So, decided to look into coffee painting today.

Really handles a lot like watercolour, only stains more and does very interesting things at the edges. Forms harder edges too. Background painted in leftover of hubby’s morning coffee (Onko, der Milde), figure in Jacobs Instant Espresso.

I’ll definitely be doing more with this.

6 thoughts on “One Maglor, please. Milk, two sugars.

  1. Wunderbar! That’s sooo cool! We don’t have much coffee in the house (the only ones who drink it are guests!) but I wonder if the same techniques can work with tea brewed for a long time? Maybe I just need to find our coffee stash. This is such a creative technique and you did a great job with it!

    • Black tea might work – others probably won’t stain enough. I got the best results with the instant espresso; used a lot less water than the package said, too ;)

  2. I’m guessing you need to make the coffee a lot stronger than you’d normally drink and more layers to get this kind of depth?

    Looks great, though, definitely want to try this!

    • Layers don’t really help – any layer painted on top of another may dissolve the one underneath. The dark spots were four drops of water with one sachet of espresso. XD

  3. Inspired by coffee Maglor and your recent Maedhros, I went ahead and tried to paint my own coffee Maedhros. Have you ever tried using tea? It made a nice background wash, but it was very hard to concentrate…

    Maglor is lovely. I’ll take him just as he is! :}

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