Fëanor’s last stand

Exam marking season is upon me. I’m doomed.


Uh yes, he’ll have armour in the final. It’s… just so I get his anatomy right. You know?

Like so.

I like Gothmog’s reflection there in the shoulderplate.


… until I realised that he ought to have been reflected in all of Fëanor’s armour. So I got rid of it again in the colouring.

Painted using Dr Martin’s Liquid Watercolours. Now those are colours!

10 thoughts on “Fëanor’s last stand

  1. The secret is out. Jenny adores good-looking, naked men. (Not that it was really a secret.)

    Seriously, I remember the first time I saw a male nude photograph that didn’t leave me feeling vaguely embarrassed or offended. “This photographer is onto something.”

    This drawing is like that. Fine work, lady.

    • Well, it really wasn’t anything gratuitous, was it? ;) I do slightly better anatomy when I remember to sketch naked.
      Sketch my characters naked, that is. Just in case. :P

  2. Well, I rather like him like this. It’s so lovely to see elves that aren’t scrawny, or just big, flat-chested girls. I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll come out.

  3. I can’t wait to see this finished! Fëanor in your Oath painting was great, and I bet this will be too! Is it going to be painted?

  4. There is no better way to study anatomy!

    Looking good so far – I was just wondering if the reflection on the shoulder plate would distort with the curved surface?

    • Not much – I tried it out with a kitchen spoon. Not that much distortion there if the curve is smooth.

      Otherwise, what do you know how skewed Gothmog looks? Maybe it’s like with the bear in the end credits of “brother bear”. where Kenai and Koda make funny faces in an ice surface mirror that warps their features… then a perfectly normal-looking bear walks up behind them, seen only in the mirror, and when they turn round and see him for real, he’s completely distorted :D

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