Unspoken Resentment

I seem to be one of the few people who always assumed that, when Fingon had rescued Maedhros from Thangorodrim, he took him with him to the people of Fingolfin. It’s always made sense for me. He would have wanted to keep him close, and he wouldn’t have been welcome to stay in the Fëanoreans’ camp, quite apart from the fact that he’s just not brazen enough to just outstay his welcome there – neither could I ever imagine him just dumping Maedhros at his brothers’ doorstep, saying “There ya go! I dared what you didn’t!” and take the next eagle home. XD

So, the question is: How did Fingon’s family react? I imagine it was a mix of anger at his sudden disappearance, admiration for his daring deed, and resentment at helping one of the hated Fëanoreans. The latter would have been strongest in Turgon, just having lost his wife and nearly his daughter, and holding Maedhros squarely responsible, as Fëanor was no longer around to be held responsible.

Hope to finish this with coffee. Hmmmm. Coffee.

First sketch in my sketchbook. I ran out of extra lead in ALL my mechanical pencils and then even the only black Biro I had died on me. O_o Hence the “Och nee!” (German for: Oh noes!) in the corner.

Photoshop sketch done at home.

The lineart. With the help of a ref photo shot of myself with a couple of kitchen towels and a thermos flask. Dear Lord, I need to de-age that hand. You know, I’ll be forty in three years, but you’d never guess it unless you saw my hands. I swear I have the Hands of Dorian Gray. They age in my stead. XD

I decided to change Fingon’s expression as opposed to the lineart – merely concern for Maedhros, not even acknowledging his brother’s resentment, in spite of being perfectly aware of it. He wouldn’t hold a grudge. His aim was to heal a feud, not create new ones. He probably even allowed Turgon for his enmity – mostly because he still didn’t know Maedhros was blameless for the burning of the ships.

If he wasn’t so pure-hearted, I’d have fallen for Fingon instead of Maedhros. He just lacks a dark side.

Finished with coffee. :)

14 thoughts on “Unspoken Resentment

  1. Ich muss mich dir anschließen, ich denke auch, dass Fingon ihn in die Siedlung/Lager (wie man es jetzt auch immer nennen mag) gebracht hätte, in der er lebte. Alles andere macht wirklich keinen Sinn (zumindest in meinen Augen), aber auf eine andere Idee wäre ich nicht einmal gekommen… [wobei ich mich immer wieder frage wie es dann mit Krankenbesuchen für Maedhros aussah – also von seinen Brüdern]
    Turgon dürfte wirklich alles andere als Glücklich gewesen sein (verständlicherweise)…

    Schon alleine die Skizze, finde ich wundervoll… wie Fingon sich um Maedhros sorgt (wenn ich recht in der Annahme gehe, dass der Krug und das… ähmm Tuch nicht für ihn selbst sind) und dann wie Turgon dasteht… diese Körperhaltung sagt mehr als Worte es könnten….

    • Ja, er bringt wohl grade Verbandswechselmaterial.

      Dass es viele Krankenbesuche gab, bezweifle ich. Maglor sicher. Maglor ist die Deeskalation in Person; der hätte sowohl den Mut aufgebracht als auch die Besonnenheit besessen, um ohne allzuviel anzuecken (oder einen weiteren diplomatischen Zwischenfall zu provozieren) durch Fingolfins Lager zu gehen. Celegorm, Curufin und vor allem Caranthir kann ich mir dabei so gar nicht vorstellen. Vielleicht haben sie es auf einen oder zwei Anstandsbesuche gebracht, die einfach die Manieren geboten, und es dabei bewenden lassen…

      • Dinge, die ja leider gebraucht wurden…

        Und ich denke noch, dass Fingolfin auch nicht Glücklich darüber gewesen wäre, wenn er Caranthir, Celegorm und Curufin in seine Siedlung lassen sollte… weil die ja doch gerne ärger machen (vermutlich auch dann, wenn sie das nicht beabsichtigen)… Bei den Zwillingen (bzw. dem Zwilling, wenn man nach der HoME Version geht) da weiß ich es nicht so recht… ich kann mir die beiden/den einen eher als jemanden vorstellen, der bereit ist den Stolz kurz zu unterdrücken, wenn es um den ältesten Bruder geht… aber nun ja… (komplizierte Familie, diese Elben)

        Nun ja, jetzt zum Bild… Irgendwie gefällt mir Turgons Körperhaltung, ihm würde ich in diesem Moment nicht über den Weg laufen wollen, eindeutig nicht!
        Fingon… mir gefällt seine Sorge… also wie du sie dargestellt hast…

        • Ja, die drei C’s mischen ganz schön auf. ;)

          Bei Amrod und/oder Amras denke ich auch, dass sie am ehesten, nach Maglor, ihren Bruder besuchen würden.

          Ja, Turgon steht da so nach dem Motto: “Ich sage nichts! Aber jeder soll wissen, dass Maedhros meiner Ansicht nach alles verdient hat, was ihm widerfahren ist!”

          • Muss irgendwie in der Familie liegen, ich glaube mitlerweile beinahe, dass das jeder aus dem Hause Finwe mehr oder wneiger gut kann (aber die C’s sind die traurigen Rekordhalter)

            Aber irgendwie finde ich Turgons verhalten weit verständlicher als Fingons… irgendwie glaube ich nicht, dass es viele fertig gebracht hätten so viel auf sich zu nehmen um jemanden wiederzufinden, der einen und verdammt viele andere so verraten hat (weil Fingon konnte ja nicht gesehen haben, dass Maedhros beiseite stand).Nein, so toll ich die Feanorer auch finde… ich verstehe Turgon eindeutig eher als Fingon…

            Ich finde es erstaunlich, wozu den Kaffee bekommen hast, frage mich allerdings, wie es machbar ist, dass der dunkelste Ton nicht so seltsam glänzend ist… liegt das an der Kaffesorte, oder einfach daran, dass ich zu unerfahren bin? Oder gibt es da einen anderen Kniff?

  2. Mmm, I don’t think Turgon would have welcomed any Feanorian into the camp at Hithlum either. I like to think Fingolfin would have been proud of his son, and there might have been a degree of relief that someone had taken the first step towards healing the breech in the family.

    Talking about such undescribed moments, I’ve always wondered what Finarfin’s first meeting with Earwen’s family after the Kinslaying would have been like – ‘awkward’ barely comes close.

    • I also think that Fingolfin would have been proud, maybe after a tiny spell of being angry with his son. But then, he’s wise enough to realise who Fingon must have got his stubbornness from. ;)

      Wasn’t Finarfin so far behind Fëanor that he didn’t even see the Kinslaying up close? I seem to remember that the entire house of Finarfin was held blameless for Alqualondë. For that matter, so was Fingolfin, if I remember correctly. Fingon was the only one who came just after Fëanor’s host, and joined the fray before he really knew what was going on. (And must that have haunted him!)

      • He certainly wasn’t involved, nor was Fingolfin; you’re right, only Fingon (and I agree with you re the haunting aspect; so few remember that Fingon was also guilty of the Kinslaying, but surely must have been horrified to realise that the Noldor had been the initial aggressors). Finarfin was in an interesting situation: the Curse of Mandos was then laid on the House of Feanor and all that followed them, and Finarfin turned back at this point. But then, he and all that followed him still had to seek the pardon of the Valar – which they received. So although he didn’t technically fall under the Doom of the Noldor, he was still held to be somewhat accountable to the Valar, and I don’t see the Teleri initially welcoming any Noldor back into Alqualonde. Correct me on this one, but Finarfin was probably the first of only a handful of Elves to ever actually apologise for anything!

        • Especially of the Noldor. But his Vanyarin genes seem to have had the upper hand, as opposed to Fingolfin. I don’t see Fingolfin apologizing for much either, especially after being so horribly let down by the half-brother he swore to follow. In his case, I think not going back and begging the Valar’s pardon would have been out of the question for him for several reasons – he is not one to abandon something he started, even if it was already turning out to be a grave mistake (like Fëanor), and there’s the matter of Fingon. Not begging the pardon of the Valar and going into exile was probably also largely due to his eldest son’s guilt in the Kinslaying.

          And imagine what that meant for the relatinship between Fingon and Turgon. Another breach between them. Apart from their one joyful reunion in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, just before Fingon’s death, there’s conspicuously little evidence of a cordial relationship…

          But Turgon must have had a difficult position as a Fëanorean-hater with a sister who was best friends with Celegorm, and a brother who was best friends with Maedhros…

  3. As I’ve said – there was a reason the Princes of the Noldor dispersed throughout Beleriand and formed their own realms. I don’t think they always lived cosily in each others pockets, even when they got along – too many proud, strong-willed personalities to live harmoniously. Even Finarfin’s sons divided somewhat, and they come across as the most easy-going of the lot.
    And Turgon – I think some of the ‘joyful’ renunion at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad was surprise, and relief that an army which wasn’t out to annihilate them showed up. He was hardly jumping to support his brother after Fingolfin died – he had all but abandoned hope of victory against Morgoth and was attempting to send messangers to Valinor. Sensible, yes, but probably acting independently – no offers of help or refuge for Fingon and his folk. He was likely quite willing to let the Feanorians and their Oath go hang if he could have wangled a pardon for himself and his folk.

    Now (as if your fabulous artwork wasn’t distracting enough) I’ll likely spend far too much time mulling over Elven morality, consciences and interpersonal relationships. Amazing; the power of a piece of writing….

  4. Absolutely amazing! Your art inspires me so much (and reminds me that I should go read the Silmarillion again). If I ever get good enough I have got to try painting with coffee, it looks like way too much fun ;)
    Just on the side, I’ve no doubt you’re right about where Fingon took Maedhros, but you’d think that even the Feanorians would have welcomed Fingon when he’d just rescued their brother. Or would they? Hmmmm…

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