Ossiriand – sketch

Maedhros sat me down today and had a little chat with me.

M: So, Jenny, you’ve what? drawn me killing myself, begging forgiveness on my knees, writhing in pain, and committing the act of greatest folly of my life?

J: I… suppose that about sums it up.

M: So, whatever next?

J: Actually… I was going to do one of you hanging from Th…

M:  No.

J: No?

M: No.

J: Uh… I then also… had this idea of you hunting in Ossiriand.

M *looks suspicious*

J: Sort of… happily.

M: There’s a catch.

J: No, seriously! I’ll even use green. It’ll set off your hair nicely.

M: Long hair?

Yup. ;)

Probably still about to change a bit, but hey, everything to keep my muse in good spirits. :D

Update March 21:

I need to program my brain to yell at me “ZOOM OUT!” whenever I start a picture.

I zoomed out, and… yay.

Many, many thanks to lintie for those ref pictures of leading a horse in an affectionate way without reins. ^^

23 thoughts on “Ossiriand – sketch

  1. Hee hee, the perennial argument between the afflicted character and his/her artist.

    So… If you placate the muse, can we hope for Th–, err, you know, in the future?

      • I was actually hoping for another of your ‘Maedhros in distress’ piccies, one featuring your gates of Angband in all their dark, twisted, ghastly glory *hint,hint*

  2. Mmmm… loving this already :-)))
    Give the poor guy a hug, he deserves something more cheerful.
    If I may suggest something as a horseperson: no need for him to hold the reins, the horse would follow him anyway (Who wouldn’t?). I’ve always had the impression that he rides bridleless, especially now that he doesn’t have too many hands to spare…

  3. Hee, the exchange made me giggle and then I smiled from ear to ear for minutes.
    I must second the no bridle (sp?) suggestion although it WILL upset the composition of the painting. Hm…

    • That’s a nice idea and would alleviate my concerns that Soot voiced. The funny thing is that I never saw the Silmarillion Noldor as animal-attuned as the Elves in the Lord of the Rings. We all accept that Legolas covers his horse’s eyes and sings to him… Now imagine Fëanor doing that. XD

      If any horse refused to go anywhere Fëanor wanted to go, the nicest he would do to it was kick it. :P

      I’ll try neck-patting. ^^

  4. He wouldn’t have to kick it. No horse would even think of refusing Feanor. Horses instinctively follow strong leaders – and Maedhros is a natural born leader, isn’t he?
    If you like, I could take some reference pictures of neck-patting/ear- scratching/mane-twirling and genarally 20 things Maedhros could do with his hand (no innuendo intended, though if you put me in the pic in place of that horse, I might have one or two other suggestions… *grins*)

      • Oh WOW. Thank you so much! I was just going to ask whether you have a slope somewhere behind your house you might lead a horse up on, but I think I’m managing that on my own right now.

        I can’t believe you made a couple of ref shots just for me. I’ll certainly make use of them!

        • At your service. And your family’s. *bows deeply*
          If you ever need anything horsey, I’d be happy to contribute :-)

  5. The Oath. I love your Oath painting- but greatest act of folly, or loyalty and heroism? And wonderfully Manly- male-elfly, you know what I mean- and Tragic and beautiful. I am glad you are doing the beauties of Ossiriand, as well as the horrors of Thangorodrim.

  6. I really love your pictures – the character shines through so clearly.

    You can’t really fault Maedhros for being just a teeny-tiny bit suspicious, can you? You do seem to catch him in some of his less comfortable moments. And if you sneak in a picture or two of happier times, you might be able to sneak past his guard for something more dramatic,,, ;)

    The little conversation made me giggle. I would have said it was really cute, except that I don’t think Maedhros _does_ cute. At least not intentionally.

  7. This post had me in stitches! Oh, reminds me so much of my characters in artwork or stories! Poor Maedhros. Though I sigh to know you still haven’t done the great Unnamed…

    Something I’ve NEVER seen in art is Fingon trying to release him while being held up there by the eagle. :)

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