Maedhros in Angband – sketch

Not sure if I’ll actually try that sort of lighting, or if I’m brave enough to stick with that sick colour scheme, but I suppose I should.

*coughs* I’m really sorry, Maedhros. You should have known this was coming after wheedling that “happy pic” out of me…

Drawn with reference involving the self-timer on my camera, my bed and some resulting photos that will not be shared.


Decided to go for a complete colour overhaul. More realistic, less sick, but more vulnerable due to the flesh tones.

29 thoughts on “Maedhros in Angband – sketch

  1. I know it’s just a sketch, but his lower leg seems bent in a funny way. However, I’m sure you work all that out in the linework ;) I just wish I could draw like this!

    • That might have happened in the transition from a jeans-clad feminine leg to that of a semi-naked male Elf. ;) I’ll make sure to check that for the clean lineart! Thank you!

  2. Ohh… armer Maedhros…
    Irgendwie tendiere ich dazu, zu vergessen, dass seine Gefangenschaft nicht nur aus diesem… wundervollen Aussichtspunkt bestanden hat…
    Dieser Lichteinfall hat etwas… ich weiß nicht… ich denke das verstäkt den Eindruck des “gefangen seins”…
    ähmm… muss ich eigentlich ein schlechtes Gewissen haben, weil ich als einzige auf Deutsch Kommentare schreibe?

    • Rein gar nicht. :) Was immer dir lieber ist!

      Der Lichteinfall kam mir gestern Abend. (Yay! Wortspiel! Einfall… kam mir. Muss ich mir merken, wenn ich das nähchste Mal in der Oberstufe das Stilmittel Zeugma erkläre!)

      In einer frühen Version des Silmarillion heißt es, “…was brought to Angband and tortured”. In jedem Falle war er Jahre dort unten, bevor er seinen zweifelhaften Logenplatz bekam. Und ich glaube nicht, dass er’s sehr schön hatte. :(

      • Ich fürchte ich sollte im Namen der Verständlichkeit im Deutschen bleiben…Sprachen mögen mich nicht wirklich… besonders was das schreiben anbelangt… ^^”

        Zeugma= lateinisches Stilmittel??

        Ich glaube nicht, dass man es in Angband schön haben könnte… und ich fürchte, bei einem so besonderen “Ehrengast” wie Feanors ältesten Sohn dürfte was die Folter angeht auch die ganzen Möglichkeiten ausgereitzt worden sein…
        Ich will nicht wissen, in was für einem Zustand er gewesen sein muss, als er an den Steilhang gehängt wurde… kein Guter… aber das genaue Ausmaß… bleibt vielleicht besser im Dunkeln

  3. Tsk, Maedhros will never trust you again!

    It is a truly terrific sketch.

    There is definitely something going on with his lower leg, but I am not sure what because it is a sketch. AND it could be dislocated or broken (ouch).

    I wonder about the color scheme. I always associated Angband with granite but pink granite?! Makes you wonder about Morgoth.

    But now that I think about it, all those balrogs and earthquakes and caves… Sediment or metamorphic rock is more likely… But which would look red? *head scratch*

    And now it is making me wonder about the Thangorodrim scene… In pink! I have a very distasteful comment about color pink and redheads on the tip of my tongue, but I will refrain because I am not a horrible person. (Right!)

    * : * : * :

    I don’t know how you would accomplish the lighting without GOOD reference pics. Hm… Cardboard ‘bars’ and flashlight? Black/dark drapery so as not to reflect the light too much?

    Any brave volunteers? *ducks*

    * : * : * :

    I am reading Silmarillion, and I have reached the creation of Arda. And all I can think of is: if ONLY Melkor has received a good spanking in the beginning! But noooo!

    Oh, and don’t feel compelled to answer everything I’ve just written, I like to ramble on and on. Especially feel free to disregard the digression to mineralogy, I had a very weird day…

      • No, it looks reddish-brown, but it is DARK in there. The stones must therefore be either reddish-pink or pinkish-brown. In the light.

        Which got me wondering about the type of stone the dungeon was built with (I had a weird day…) It looks most like color of bricks, but of course they are not using bricks… And reddish granite is actually called ‘pink’, so…

        • I’ve actually just wondered ideas about more “iron” designs but can’t really think of something that looks as desolate as rough stone. Maybe corroded?


          • Wait! Something to puts together three of my interests? Middle-earth, art, and geology?

            I would have to say that if you are going for realism, red/brown/pink/whatever color you want to call it could be appropriate. One of the major stages in mountain building involves the deposition of sediments called flysch and molasse. Molasse is reddish brown. I can also imagine the rocks being a bluish-black color, though, because of the darkness and grime. Yes, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks would abound, but I think that if Morgoth really wanted he could just raise up some igneous rocks. He seems like the type of person that would do whatever he darn well pleases :D

            And yes, there is “pink granite”. There is also a wide variety of rocks and minerals that come in reddish brown; it really depends on the minerals in the rock. You can have red sandstone, magnetite, hematite, some banded iron formations (assuming Middle-earth had some sort of “oxygen event”…

            Okay, I need to stop. XD

  4. I could volunteer Algnor, my BJD doll, as the model for the lighting, but it might be difficult to get the pose right: if you put his hand under him, it lifts him off the ground, and his knees do weird things when bent that much…

    • Oh my! XD

      I think nothing but the exact angle and incoming light would work – it’ll actually be easier for me to do that myself. The angle is slightly higher, less worm’s eye view. And then the light will still be tricky…

    • Thinking this through, anything that duplicates the lighting I need is *way* too complex to do with a doll. I think I’m better off trying around “dry” – the exact way the light falls over the form will be something I’ll worry about when the lineart is done.

      Plus, I’m not 100% sure yet I will use that lighting, and I don’t want you to go through so much bother for nothing! :)

  5. I suspected that it’s much too complex for a doll. But I just had to give it a try :-)
    But do use the idea with the light falling over him – the way it picks up his form in the dark is just heartbreaking,,,

  6. Well you did say the next would not be so happy and you definitely deliver, this looks so great!! I cant wait to see this lineart and how you decide to paint this :D
    Question: I’ve been wondering if you’re (like me) one of those people who has to have several projects going so you dont get bored?

  7. This is an incredible sketch – it is quite clear that Maedhros is in bad shape here. And his whole shape just _oozes_ hopelesness!

    I do wonder at what might transpire the next time Maedhros pops over to your place for a little chat, though… ;)

  8. I think he’ll just have more forceful arguments why you should draw another ‘happy’ picture: ‘You’ve drawn me killing myself, begging forgiveness on my knees and writhing in pain. And tortured into exhaustion! And shackled and thrown in a dark stinking pit!!! YOU OWE ME, LADY!!!’

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