Maedhros in Angband – lineart

Poor love. Yes, I feel bad already.

I went back and forth with the chain fettering him to the wall; in the end, I left it there – I don’t think they’d trust him to stay put without it, and the chain makes it clear he still has hands (and arms) back there somewhere. O_o Wouldn’t want anyone to assume he was quite that maimed yet.

Going to colour it today.

24 thoughts on “Maedhros in Angband – lineart

  1. You just made my morning/night/whatever this is. :)

    Those marks look pretty awful. What on earth have they been doing to him? I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Considering how much of a pounding Elves can take before they die (as opposed to Men), and considering Maedhros was held captive in Angband for years before Morgoth hung him from that precipice… I always assumed his stay was not a nice experience.

      I actually researched medieval torture instruments for this piece. O_o And had to send my children out of the room while doing that.

      • You really wanted to make him pay for that happy moment in Ossiriand didn’t you? Though I suppose in his time line he has that to look forward to.

        Is it that what those things hanging on the wall in the top right corner are?

        • Yep, In our world, and on humans, they’re designed to kill slowly and painfully, mostly through infection. On an Elf… it could go on forever. :(

  2. Sweet Eru…
    Something tells me it’s gonna be even more painful in colour :-(
    The chain does make a point, emphasizing the hopelessness of his situation. But his hair still looks too good for the occasion ;-)

  3. I am starting to think Maedhros has a point in complaining :p

    Great work on the pose… It’s really hard to make such awkward positions look ‘right’, I’m very impressed. One tiny nitpick, though – the walls of the cell make it look like a cavern, so why is the floor flagstones?

  4. Sicher ist Sicher… vermutlich dürfte sich das auch Morgoth denken… und bei einem Feanorer weiß man nie so recht, was man von dem erwarten kann… sicher nicht, dass er einfach da bleibt und sich foltern lässt…
    Irgendwie tut er mir wirklich leid, diese Gefangenschaft wünscht man niemandem…

    aber warum habe ich das dumpfe gefühl, dass die, die ihn gefoltert haben ihre “freude” daran hatten, dass er als Elb mehr überlebt als ein Mensch?

    Aber was seine Beschwerden bei dir angeht… wäre er vorsichtiger gewesen und hätte sich nicht gefangen nehmen lassen, wäre er vor deinen Stiften und Farben “sicher”, zumindest was Folterbilder anbelangt … (aber ich glaube es wäre hoffnungslos ihm das zu erklären)

    Ich bin wirklich schon gespannt darauf, wie das mit Farbe aussieht

    • Naja – da sie noch keine Foltererfahrung mit Menschen hatten, war das vermutich genau andersrum: “Was, tot? Nach bloß 150 Stockschlägen und 60 Schnittwunden? Mann, mit denen macht das ja überhaupt keinen Spaß! Los, bringt mir noch einen!”

      • Ah stimmt ja, die Elben waren als Volk gesehen ja älter als die Menschen (scheinbar bring ich hin und wieder doch noch alles durcheinander…)
        Und die ersten Menschen dürften der Folter dann wirklich nicht lange standgehalten haben…
        Maedhors sollte sich glücklich schätzen ein Elb zu sein…

  5. Aww, poor Maedhros. :( Now I feel bad for him!

    I love that you’ve joined WordPress, and I can now get updates each time you post! Every time I something new from you in my e-mail it starts my morning off so much better! I love seeing your work and how it progresses. It really inspires me, and gets my own creative muse itching to create something new.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished version of this! (Is that wrong? Just don’t tell Maedhros I said that, haha!) ^____^;;

  6. Poor Maedhros – I feel really sorry for him here!

    I am sure this will be a wonderful picture when you are finished with it – Maedhros’ whole figure radiates hopelessness and exhaustion, and we can see the signs of the injuries already in the line art. And those spiky chains are a nice touch – they sort of fit with the general ambience of the sort of place Angband would be.

  7. Regarding the hair explanation that “he’s still an Elf”–that logic works for me!

    Might I pick your brain: Where is it stated that Maedhros was a prisoner for multiple years before being chained to the cliffside? And he was up there for, what, about 50 years, am I correct? Thanks!

    • I just looked it up again. He was taken captive a Valian year (=ten years) before being hung from Thangorodrim. Then that year passed, as well as two or three more Valian years, plus five years of the Sun before Fingon rescued him. Those Valian years make for very inaccurate timing – was it at the end or the beginning of that ten-year-period? Thus, it’s hard to say. But all in all, it would have been around five years in Angband and another thirty to forty years of hanging from his right wrist. :(

  8. Hey, it’s EmeraldKeefe from DeviantArt!!! The evil part of me says you should do a scene when Maedhros is hung from Thangorodrim. Listening to Blind Guardian’s ‘Captured’ really sends chills down one’s spine. Also, I read a fanfic, where Morgoth castrates Maedhros!!! And since I am feeling evil, I shall give you the link. XD

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