Spark – a Silmarillion fanfic


I’ve done it. Written my first Silmarillion fanfic in seventeen years. O_o

Maedhros upon Thangorodrim. Warning: Disturbing themes. Injury, torture, madness.

This probably won’t be easy to understand unless you’ve read the Silmarillion.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the character, though I promise to return him in good condition. As far as text-faithfulness is concerned. Maedhros was already in bad condition when I got him, so that’s not my fault.

Language is more reminiscent of DeLillo than Tolkien, but that was on purpose. Very suited to disturbing descents into despair.

Read the whole story here.


13 thoughts on “Spark – a Silmarillion fanfic

  1. Poor Maedhros :( . You captured the scene so well that I could feel it. Well done and thanks for writing it! You should write more often, I know I will definately read any of your works as much as looking at your art which is literally everyday!

  2. Looks like I got a lot more than I bargained for when I asked for that single spark ;-) I read the whole text three or four times in a row last night and I hardly slept, just sat staring into the darkness with the ‘heartbeatpainheartbeat’ echoing in my head.
    And then, a voice that sang, just as it was starting to get light.
    Easter morning.

    Jenny Dolfen, you honestly scare me ;-)

    You managed to show the enormity of it, stretched out over the years. That’s what most Thangorodrim fics seem to miss – the time factor. And the fact that what finally got at him and almost completely broke him was the isolation and deprivation, not the physical torture. It makes you wonder, though, how on earth he managed to regain enough mental and physical strength to lead armies… He must have had one hell of a post-traumatic stress syndrome. And it also seems logical that Morgoth bound his spirit to his body, like he later did to Hurin. Maedhros wouldn’t have survived otherwise.
    The compulsory nitpicking part: I still believe that at this time he would think of himself as Maitimo or Nelyo – his Sindarin name didn’t crop up until after his rescue.

    It feels so good to know that my pestering you sparked off something like that :-)
    You *do* realize that this text calls loudly for a companion picture? Or a rescue&recovery story. But preferably both :-)

  3. “And then, a voice that sang, just as it was starting to get light.
    Easter morning.”

    Oh my God, you gave me goosebumps all over. It was like being in one of my favourite tales besides the Silmarillion – “Krabat”. I suppose you know it, as it takes place in Poland? There, the Easter night has a special power in it, it’s one of the best books I know (though it was made into a disappointingly average movie).

    I’m glad you’re back to review! And I’m glad that it resonated so strongly with you (I hope not too strong). Yes, I spent a long time thinking about *many* aspects in this one, especially the time frame and how to get it across. Morgoth binging Maedhros’ spirit to his body was also something I consider a given, as with Húrin.

    The Maedhros/Maitimo thing is a personal issue of mine. I know that most “true” fans use the Quenya names rather than the Sindarin ones, but I always stuck to the ones in the narrative of the Silmarillion. Though I have to admit that, in that case, I maybe shouldn’t use Nolofinwë and Findekáno but Fingolfin and Fingon. There *was* a reasoning behind it – the characters in the story would call themselves and each other by their Quenya names; “Maedhros” is only named in the narrative voice, which, though taking his perspective, is not identical with him.

    I’ll think about that some more for the……………………….

    …………………….. sequel I just started. You have yourself and Lawenta to blame for that! ;)

    And thank you *so much* for Kasiopeia’s story! I really enjoyed it, though I didn’t agree with everything. But the portrayal of Maedhros taking control of his brothers and of his life was really, really strong. Beautifully translated, too! (Not that I could judge the original!)

    Kasiopeia just contacted me to have some of my latest pics appear in the next Aiglos, btw. ^^ I was really happy about that too!

  4. Strangely enough, I haven’t read ‘Krabat’. But that’s soon to be amended – I’ve just ordered a copy.
    To say that ‘Spark’ resonated with me is a huge understatement. It hit me like a ton of bricks, both the story and your latest picture. But in a positive way – I found my own personal spark in the process. Thanks for sharing! :-)
    The effect was partially due to the timing – and don’t tell me it was accidental ;-)
    The ‘narrative voice’ explanation works fine with me: your narrative voice, your rules ;-) Come to think of it, I associate the Feanoreans with their Quenya names mostly because of Kasiopea’s fics. Hmmm… Time to go back to the Silmarillion?
    I’m glad you liked ‘The Dispossessed’. What was it that you didn’t agree with? Just curious how your visions differ.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the sequel. Speaking of sequels: ‘The Dispossessed’ has a sequel called ‘The Cursed’, where Maitimo and Moryo (yyy… I mean Maedhros and Caranthir :-) ) have a slightly more private conversation touching upon the curse, guilt, forgiveness and Maedhros’ hairstyle. I might – just might – be persuaded to translate it… ;-)

    • It would be perfectly fine if you just translated the best bits – and only if you really want to. :) I do enjoy Kasiopiea’s takes on the characters though. You don’t often find fanfic that doesn’t make you cringe. :D

      I was going to say that I found some of their banter sightly… unelven, too exuberant, but that’s just my taste. It’s definitely wonderfully written, and I love nothing more than witty dialogue, so I am not complaining at all!

      That said, I’m deeply into rather unelven witty dialogue myself right now, in chapter 4 :D I hope you’re enjoying the rest of it! :)

      • Unelven? Hmmm… I’m not sure. But definitely a bit too cheerful for the occasion. Though at times I get the feeling that this cheerfulness is a bit forced, as if they were putting up an act for the sake of their recovering brother. Or perhaps once Kasiopea got all the sons of Feanor in one place, she just couldn’t resist fooling around a bit. I can’t blame her ;-)
        I’ve been thinking of translating Kasiopea’s fanfics for quite a while, so I may give it a try soon.
        My favourite bit: after talking about the Silmarills and the curse, Moryo decides that he’s had enough grim subjects and persuades Maedhros to let him trim his hair, saying “Even cursed, we need to be good-looking. I daresay we need to be particularly good-looking in such case.” The Feanorian fangirl in me gives a little happy squeak every time I read it, even though the joke is clearly at her expense…

        ‘Spark’ is a great story and I’m enjoying it immensly. It’s so evocative and realistic at the same time. Please continue! *jumps and claps her hands*

        • I’m starting to remember why I left Maedhros short-haired for so long XD I’ve never, ever, been able to imagine him fussing with his hair. Out of my eyes, and done. That’s about thee only thing I can see him doing with it ;)

  5. Einfach wunderbar. Man merkt, wie viele Gedanken du dir darüber gemacht hast. Was für eine Perle in dem ganzen Wust aus Fanfictions, den man sonst im Netz findet (und ich bin noch jemand, der auch gerne Slash liest, wenn es gut geschrieben ist). Vielen Dank, dass du sie veröffentlicht hast, seit langem das Beste, was ich gelesen habe.

  6. WOW. Wow…it’s like we share the same imagination when it comes to Maedhros. This is so incredibly perfect and so well-written. All the chapters are fantastic.

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