New projects

Aside from becoming enraptured in Silmarillion fanfic (help!!), I’m on to several more art-related projects.

First off, a comic drawn for German comic anthology JAZAM! I thought it up together with my good friend Oli, and he had quite a job in getting me back to the drawing table on a regular basis. I have this weird comicophobia. This one didn’t do much to cure it. Some style experiments here – drawn with ink.

Translation: MotherEarth

“I’m cold.”

“I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

“But this was probably the best they could find so soon.”

I’m also working on more commissions – here’s one very fun character who can control air:

(His right arm is too long. To be fixed.)

And a personal piece, drawn for a very good friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with cancer.



2 thoughts on “New projects

  1. Looking forward to seeing that commission! It’s looking good (aside from his arm, which you pointed out already.)

    Also, love the personal piece. I hope your friend will find strength from it. <3

    This is Tenri from deviantART, by the way. :)

  2. I love how sketchy and free and full of movement your sketches are.

    My best wishes and thoughts with your friend diagnoses with cancer. May she find strength in the piece and your friendship.

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