Sketches from the edge

A few absolutely incredibly taxing days. Class trip with one hundred twenty-six twelve-year-olds. Three days of sitting a bag of fleas, as we say in German. Some very touching experiences, some rather disheartening ones, and having to be “on” for seventy-six hours on end.

Drawing was a lifeline to sanity.

16 thoughts on “Sketches from the edge

  1. Bei der Zeichung von Feanor frage ich mich, was er denkt (und wo er da steht)… vielleicht weil er ungewöhnlich nachdenklich wirkt…

  2. The trip sounds like a bundle of laughs – but what amazing pictures came out of it! I LOVE the one of Feanor completely. His armour, his hair, and especially his eyes. Stunning!

  3. Sounds like your trip was the kind you might like to brag about in retrospect, sort of a, “There I was, with those 26 kids, any of whom would be able to give lessons in mischief to Loki…” and then continue with stories about a couple of the more … interesting … moments. ;)
    (In case you don’t know who Loki is, he’s the trickster/not-quite-good-guy god in Norse myth)
    Fëanor in that sketch looks as he is hatching some really nefarious plans. And I really like Fingon’s braids – it looks as he has his hair in rope braids, and I really like rope braids. :)

      • A good example of a basic rope braid is here:
        Rope braiding tutorial here:

        It is a pretty braid, and makes for even prettier buns – I am a bit of a connoisseur of braids and updos, as I like keeping my butt-length hair up in a variety of ‘dos. The rose bun is my favorite – it is a rope braid that is twisted up into a bun. And for me it is quick – I can rope-braid my hair in less than a minute, and making the bun is but a few seconds more – and then my hair is done for the day. :)

      • Sirielle, I tried to make an answer to your question about rope braids, but it did not work – maybe the links caused my answer to run afoul of a spam filter or something?
        Try to google it – basically it is a two-strand twist braid. It is a very pretty braid, and fast and easy once you have learned it – I can braid my butt length hair in less than a minute, and twisting the braid up into a rose bun – my favorite updo – is but a few seconds’ additional work.

    • Thank you for both replies! It sounds like a really nice alternative for Fingon, got to check it. Also for myself, I used to wear loose hair, but they are too long now for that so yes – something easy and quick to make would be useful :)

  4. Great sketches :-)
    I love your thoughtful Feanor – he’s obviously hatching something quite spectacular… And Glaurung looks like a cat in cream ;-)
    Yay for prancing ponies!

  5. I can imagine your pain. I deal with 50-60 k-5th graders on a daily basis and on really bad days i sit down with a group and we just draw….

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