Most of me (plus detail shots)

Pencil lineart and Dr Martin’s liquid watercolours on Canson paper

Detail shots (click to enlarge):


16 thoughts on “Most of me (plus detail shots)

      • To me it is sea-blue, with dim turquoise. There is a bit green in it, but green in blue not opposite. But I’m using laptop screen ATM, I’ll plug it to my other screen later, which displays more yellows; we’ll see then.

        • Odd. Maglor’s coat is definitely on the green side of turquoise to me. But then, it could also be a language thing you know – I know that there are shades of green that are seen as yellow in Welsh. ;)

  1. Ich würde auch sagen, es ist Türkis. Jedenfalls eine ganz wunderbare Farbkomposition!!! Herrlich luftig und frisch. Für mich viel attraktiver als die eher schweren Farbtöne, die Du sonst verwendet hast.

  2. What is there not to love? Brilliant use of green on Maglor’s tunic-robe-type-garment. I also love the subtle hints of red that are in Maglor’s hair, very apt for the son who had the greatest share of Nerdanel’s spirit. ;)

    You can really see that Maedhros is suffering, both inside and out, and he looks so tiny next to his brother, but you know his strength is just waiting in the wings. All in all, I loves it and want to snuggle them both, even if it would earn me a smack upside the head for hurting Maitimo’s arm…

  3. I love this – I can _feel_ the love between the brothers straight through my PC screen. Maglor is battered still, and has a way to go yet before he is healed – leaving those scars was a good move on your part.
    Maglor is gentle and nurturing here. and I really want to pet his hair! <3
    The colors are glorious! To my eyes they are turquoise – they are sort of sitting on the fence between green and blue, but leaning a bit towards the blue side.

  4. You know, I love your art anyway, because your Feanarions look exactly how I imagined them (especially now that your Maedhros has longer hair ;) ). But what I love most is that you capture the emotions so incredibly well. Especially among your recent pictures, there were some that gave me chills and drove tears to my eyes, because the emotions are just… there. This is one of them. These expressions, in the context of everything that happened… *sigh* Plus the patterns on the fabrics plus Maedros’ marred skin, plus the elaborate sword… I loved the old version, but this one… is simply amazing.
    And I love the colours, even though they’re turquoise on my screen as well. I can imagine them in green, but it looks awesome in blueish ;)
    Now I just found the fanfiction it belongs to. I have some reading to do ;)

  5. You did such an excellent job and you can see the scars from his time in Angband on him, the ones from the Cat’s Paw we saw on your ‘Black Despair’ picture…
    And his hair is growing back. No offense, but I prefer to see him wth long, lovely locks. ^.^

  6. Ich muss mich davon abhalten, über die Borte an Maglors Ärmel zu streichen, dass sieht so echt aus, als könnte mans anfassen. Andererseits sollte man die beiden in diesem emotionalen Moment ohnehin nicht stören. Also schleich ich mich besser wieder raus aus dem Bild ;-)
    Um noch meinen Senf zu den Farben dazu zu geben: Maglors Kleidung ist für mich definitiv grün. Die Decke sehe ich eher als blau, wobei das ein bisschen darauf ankommt, wie ich den Winkel von meinem Bildschirm (ich sitz am Laptop) verstelle.

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