New Tolkien art on the workbench

Yes! Jenny is about to acknowledge that the Silmarillion has more than Noldor!

One long overdue pic of Beren and Lúthien. The last Beren I did dates back to… 1993? and had mushroom hair. Don’t make me dig out pics.

And I liked the little sketchy Ancalagon the Black I scribbled on the class trip enough to blow him up to painting proportions. Flying at the head of a winged dragon army.

Another one I want to do before the Return of the Ring event is Eärendil with Elwing, possibly as split screen with Elrond and Elros plus Maedhros and Maglor.

If we make that an acronym, it’d be Meemee.


13 thoughts on “New Tolkien art on the workbench

  1. Faaaantastic!! Oh I do already love the look you’ve got going for Beren, and that much hair on Luthien just seems natural, lol. I am way excited about seeing you do Ancalagon >:D

  2. Wow, Luthien’s hair’s longer than mine and that doesn’t happen a lot. But then, she did have a few thousand more years to grow it.

    I like the Meemee idea :D, but then I like any M idea.

  3. I have the feeling that Luthien’s arm is a bit longer than it should be.
    I always had a problem thinking how Beren should look like, anything he could be would never stand against Luthien’s beauty! He should always be considered ugly everywhere he went with Luthien, poor guy… (I think he wouldn’t mind, he was married to the most beautiful woman of all time afterall.)
    That Meemee idea sounds great!

    • Nice catch on the arm – I made it shorter but it still looks really long, because the shoulder goes down there and the trailing sleeve. I’ll think of something to clear that up.

      Well, if Lúthien was one who’d fall for beauty, she’d have chosen any Elf that crossed her path. When I was younger, I never understood it either. Now, I feel what attracted her was that goodness, and kindness, and caring.

      My husband looked at Beren and noted a resemblance. I agreed with that. :D

  4. Cool, I’m particularily interested in the split picture of Eärendil and Elwing and Maedros, Maglor, Elrond and Elros!!!

  5. Oh man, I can’t tell you how much I love your design for Beren. It is so refreshing after so much Viggo-esque/fantasy-ranger-style stuff that one sees. The sort of Romano-Britishy/Celtic vibe, to me, is so awesome. It just fits, you know? So excited for this one. :)

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