All exams are marked!!

This is going to be the most useless post in history, but oh my goodness, was this tough going. 72 exams marked. Each of them taking one hour on average. And that’s only counting the ones I got the week before last and that I’ve finally worked off! My poor kids have probably forgotten what I look like (or what my voice sounds like when I’m not saying, “Not now, love, I’m marking!”)

Two and a half more weeks of school, and then I’m planning on drawing till kingdom come. Or rather, till Loughborough come. Yes!! I’ve found a way to attend after all, not for the full five days, but three days of Return of the Ring Event are better than no Return of the Ring Event at all.

Hope to fill the next blog entry with pictures again.


8 thoughts on “All exams are marked!!

  1. All good! hurray on getting the marking done and that you’ll be able to get to the Return of the Ring.

    Looking forward to lots of new pics…..

  2. Iniqua numquam regna perpetuo manent, sagte der alte Seneca und hatte wohl Recht.
    Schön, dass es mit Loughborough nun doch klappt; eine solche Zusammenkunft ohne Dich wäre ja schon fast merkwürdig. Ich kann nur hoffen, dass endlich, endlich einmal jemand von den Damen und Herren, die in Sachen Tolkien am langen Hebel sitzen, auf Dich aufmerksam wird. Damit ich endlich an meine “The Silmarillion. With 200 full colour illustrations by Jenny Dolfen”-Edition komme und Du an den größten Reichtum aller Zeiten;-)

  3. Wow, I wish I could afford to attend! I’d love to meet the artist whose art I’ve admired from online for a long time now-since, in fact, I started looking for art based on the Silmarillion. Love your art, the expressions and emotion you can get in-and the fact that you have proved that i’m not the only one who thinks Fingolfin and his family are dark haired!

  4. Das Ende eines Schuljahres ist immer eine seltsame Zeit, auch wenn ich es (nur) aus der anderen Perspektive kenne…
    Zuerst Stress pur und dann nichts mehr!
    Schöne Ferien dann,
    Wanda Anylon

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