Sketches for bookmarks

These last few weeks have been exhausting. I had so much new art planned but now I think I’ll bake smaller rolls after all, as we say in German.

Bookmarks seem like a good idea. Fast, satisfying, fun, and great to sell at conventions.

Some sketches on the playground and in a conference to sneak up on unsuspecting characters and themes.




5 thoughts on “Sketches for bookmarks

  1. So schön! Ich musste drei mal hinsehen bis ich all diese kleinen Tiere in der Bordüre gefunden hatte. Und ich bewundere immer noch all die Leute die Faltenwurf malen können, etwas das ich nie so wirklich auf die Reihe bekomme.

    LG, Wanda Anylon

  2. Ah, how I’d like to have such cool bookmarks, I think it would encourage me to read a little bit more xD Shame I live so faraway to buy them. =(

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