Pain and regret

Some people have remarked to me, over the past few months, “You haven’t posted in a while – wow, can’t wait to see what massive project you’re working on!”

I’m sorry to say there was no massive project other than keeping sane. The last weeks at school were bad, and the next year won’t be much easier. I’m currently trying to get what comfort I can from the fact that it’s the holidays. For weeks, I didn’t even have any inspiration to draw. I hope that’s over now.

Carefully easing back into Silmarillion art with a long-planned picture of Maglor by the waves.

10 thoughts on “Pain and regret

    • But he never gave in. It’s always an interesting question why he didn’t when his brother did. Did he feel it was too easy? Was it fear of death or self-imposed punishment? I often think the latter.

      • I always think about that he probably wandered for thousand of years all alone until something happened. Still can’t quite accept that he found death eventually, it’s too sad… It is written that “he never came back among the people of the elves”, I like to imagine he found his forgiveness at some point, and his own happiness, since neither by Mandos he returned to Valinor. Or he eventually came back, after all Noldor, since the Silmarillion is a record of their memories while still in M-E.

        • I always interpreted that phrase rather bleakly, and literally. That he wandered the shores for ever, never died and never made his way home. He may have faded on the shores, or he may still be there… until the world is changed.

  1. Art muses are as facetious as the winds… Sometimes blow a lot, sometimes, not even a tiny breath.. :) good resting while in holidays !

  2. Hope you enjoy yor rest in the school holidays!
    Love it, and can’t wait to see more-I’ve always loved your art. So many emotions in one picture-wish I could draw even half as well as you.
    I always likes to think that Maglor was eventually allowed back many years after, considering he was always the least firey of the sons of Feanor, and always seemed saddened by the events that seemed more to overtake him, than for him to be a willing participant.

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