Loughborough Log: Day Two

It’s terribly late, I’ve got a workshop on first thing in the morning, I’m bone-tired, but so pumped that I can’t sleep anyway.

Can I just stay here? In this fantastic Tolkien fandom world?

I’ve met all sorts of wonderful people today – Anke Eißmann, whose art I’ve adored for ages and who is such a sweet person, Simo, a fantastically charming Finnish guy who does the most beautiful jewellery (and can do a somersault in full brass plate armour), Anna from Poland, Damien from France, and others too many to name. I actually got to shake hands with the Mayor of Loughborough, another very charming person. (Loughborough seems to have many of these.) Peter Jackson, John Howe and Alan Lee sent a video message from their filming of the Hobbit from New Zealand, but Brian Sibley was there, confirming that the Hobbit will indeed be released in three parts now. I’m pretty sure that bothers me, but right now, I’m too happy about everything else to feel much bothered.

The art show started this afternoon at half past five and I’m nearly sold out of prints. I could have sold fifty at least, probably more. At the Essen Games Fair, I usually sell five over the whole weekend (for less than I ask here and people still haggle!) – and here, I sold seven before the art show even began.

I’ve got people interested in buying my artwork or possibly commissioning me for the greatest of Silmarillion scenes; I have people chatting to me, seeing my name tag and doing double takes. “YOU are JENNY DOLFEN?” It feels bizarrely-wonderfully as if I’ve stepped into a beautiful dream.

I’ve been taking loads of photos (not of the dismal rain yesterday; even that has stopped!), and I’ll be uploading them when I get home.

And as if the world thought I hadn’t had a beautiful enough day already, I log on to deviantArt tonight to over three thousand comments, finding my coffee tutorial has received a DD.

This is just bonkers. Totally. In the good way. And I don’t want it to end!

2 thoughts on “Loughborough Log: Day Two

  1. I hear you get some well-deserved fun! And see, I did tell you that a lot of us thinks seeing Jenny Dolfen live is about as exciting as you find talking to people like… you know, the -other- big names in Tolkien-related art. So there!

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