Messy Eärendil sketch

There are far too few Eärendils out there. Something that needs to be remedied.

Eärendil hasn’t had a clear face for me in some time. He turned out slightly like his great-grandfather Fingolfin here, which is fine with me.
School has me in its grip again, after the wonderful Loughborough experience that passed far too quickly… I hope to squeeze in a bit of Tolkien art before marking season starts. And I may be exhibiting at Ring*Con in Bonn, yay!

14 thoughts on “Messy Eärendil sketch

  1. Wow, the mariner. I don’t remember whether you have another picture of Ëarendil so I’m expectating for this one :)
    I am actually curious about the RingCon. Have you ever been there? How worth is it moving like 100 km by train to go there one day?

    • I’ve never been there yet, so I don’t know – but from what others have told me, it’s an absolutely great event! Have you seen the guest list? They have half the Game of Thrones cast!

    • Not Jenny, but maybe I can help: Back when I attended Ring*Con regularly, it used to be pretty awesome! (Though YMMV, depending on how much you care for the guest stars attending, how lucky you are with the workshops, and how well you can handle crowds.) I stopped going when the guest stars began leaning heavily into the Sparkly Vampire direction, but this year – with epic fantasy back as the main focus – I’m tempted to attend again. I only live 50 km away from Bonn, mind you. In your case – how well does DB cover those 100 km? If it takes you more than an hour and a half one direction, I’d consider staying overnight…

      • Yeah, the weird thing is I’ve always had trouble picturing him blonde. I always want to picture him dark haired. Maybe your painting will help. :)

        • not for me; bright earendil and all that jazz. it seems that elrond took more after elwing; in looks for sure. i wonder what he got from his dad. elrond doesn’t strike me as being adventureous; more of a home kind of guy. very different from earendil.

        • Same here. He’s always been black-haired when I imagined him, and it takes some conscious effort to turn him blond. Glad I’m not alone in that!

  2. Eärendil… well I never tried to give him a “face in my mind” as I just… can’t stand him…
    Eärendil and Finrod I don’t know but they will be never belong to the charekters put of the Silmarillion that I like… (well it’s nearly the entire book but well….)
    But still I like this sketch as he is the “Seemann” (forgott the english word for this) and well he definetly is in there…

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