Maglor sketch

Maglor son of Fëanor. He occupies rather a lot of pages in my sketchbook with some rather good portraits. I think Maedhros is getting jealous. (All there is of him in my sketchbook is after being captured, being tortured, being rescued with his hand cut off… you get the picture. I don’t know why, seriously.)

My colleagues all pity me as I have three free periods on Mondays… but I have to say they do come in handy. I can write down oral marks, mark vocab tests, go shopping, prepare the next lesson, and still get sketches done.

I’ll make this one available as special edition prints for Ring*Con! With some added whites done by hand.

8 thoughts on “Maglor sketch

  1. Love the expression of his eyes and the thickness of his eyebrows too! Make him appear sad yet very masculine and quite melancholic… Very Maglor-ish indeed ;)
    Truly hard to get to know why Maedhros has such a lack of cheerful drawings, really. i just can’t get the point of that, seriously…
    However, Beautiful as ever :) can’t wait to see your Earendil completed!

  2. your description had me laughing so hard that I started coughing again, I totally hate being sick, but I can always count on your art to brighten my day a little.

  3. I used to imagine Maglor with very straight hair until I first saw your portraits of him. For some reason he looks a lot more, how could I say, responsible and cuter, with this wavy hair. Just like him. I liked.

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  5. How lovely! It reminds me a bit of a renaisance portrait I saw once, whose artist I can’t remember. But the wavy hair (who says that all elves must have sleek, straight hair?), brow line and the expressive eyes really are wonderful. :-)

    I enjoy your color work, but your pencil sketches really attract my attention!

    • I always found it strange that Peter Jackson’s Elves all have straight Pantène-hair. I’ve always found wavy hair to be far more attractive. My Elven designs all pre-date the movies, so I rarely do Pantène-hair. ;)

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