Olwë of Alqualondë

Not many pictures exist of him, do they? Together with Saeros and definitely not more than five others, he held the sad record of the only Silmarillion characters never dawn by me. Remedied!


Pencil and white gouache in my sketchbook.


6 thoughts on “Olwë of Alqualondë

  1. Oh, I like everything about this picture – the white gouache works so well for the silver of his hair and I really like the swan + dolphin detailing. Olwe has always been one of my favourite Elves and I’m glad you’ve finally drawn him; now I’m curious as to the other never-drawn characters.

  2. I suppose Olwë is overlooked in favor of those bad-boy Noldor,who hog all the attention (or most of it). ;)
    I really love the embroidery on his clothes – the swans and the dolphins are just so appropriate for the king of the Sea-Elves.

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