Fëanorean sketchdump

Loads of leisure at school to scribble stuff in between lessons!

Maedhros trudging back to his own people after his rescue and recovery;

Maedhros being welcomed by his brothers with what borders on exuberance (for guilt-ridden Fëanoreans),

Fëanor in full armour. And a horse. No, I don’t know what it’s doing there. Except maybe demonstrating that a horse without a head is indeed a perfect square.

12 thoughts on “Fëanorean sketchdump

  1. Beautiful Feanor. And that Maedhros meeting his brothers would turn into another cool missing scene for your collection.

  2. Despite I do not belive that Maedhros spent his “ill” period at his uncle’s, but from the very beggining was with his brothers, its nice nice scene! <3 Especily I like Nelyo that is from the left side <3 <3 <3

      • :( uh! really?! ok! i guess … ahm; why? :( … your long-haired maedhros is tolkien’s maitimo; at least for me. the same is with kassiopea’s caranthir … for me he is moryo. her feanaro and nerdanel are also lovely (though he sholud be a lot taller, i think). her nelyo is also very good. ivanneth’s feanaro and nerdanel are also very good. in short, i like nelyo with long hair and i think that your long haired maedhros is perfect. :)

        and i still have to find perfect celegorm the fair … that prideful, arrogant and vain golden-haired noldo (with a long, long mane of glistening golden hair!); he is such a ***, but the dude talks with animals … can’t beat that. :) otherwise, facepalm for/because of him.

      • I love your Maedhros with short hair! Well, he looks more beautiful with long hair, and you do such gorgeous hair. But all your short-haired Maedhros pictures are much more touching and ‘real’.

  3. I adore these sketches. The Maedhros and Feanor are among my favorites of the very long list of your works that I love. Love to see you develop both of those.

  4. I rather like his short hair… although I suddenly had a new thought about it. Considering how long that he was imprisoned by Melkor, I’d have thought his hair would have been longer when he was rescued; then I wondered if, perhaps, before hanging him from the cliff-face, if Melkor or one of his minions might have shorn Maedhros of his hair as an act of humiliation? Hmmmmm…..

    Wonderful drawings!

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