6 thoughts on “In the works…

  1. So I’m guessing that’s the sons of Fëanor at the top. In Valinor, evidently, seeing as there are seven of them and you follow the burnt Amrod version of the story.

    P.S. Burnt Amrod almost sounds like a color you’d use in Maedhros’s hair, doesn’t it? :D

    • I’ll confess I’ll stick to any story that suits my needs at any given time. Though I’ll also confess that burnt Amrod is a problem. I love the story. t’s poignant and really tragic, which makes me want to adopt it. Yet Christopher Tolkien did not, for reasons I fully understand: It was too early for the punishment. Of Amrod *and* of Feanor. Thre greatest tragic of the Feanoreans, for me, is that all of them hung on for centuries after their first terrible deed, saw everythign about them come to ruin, yet escape from it unscathed to be slain in their own wrongdoings.

      I think there is one line in the Silmarillion that made C. T. abandon the Amrod idea: “There Seven gathered from their wanderings again” (sc. to attack Doriath). SO poignant. Much more powerful than the Remaining Six.

      So, yes, it is the Seven gathering again after the Great Defeat and coming down upon Doriath.

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