10 thoughts on “Because Thorin is a *Dwarf*!

  1. Hahaha thank you. I just saw the new trailer for the New Line movie. He looks so completely human in some of the scenes it’s not funny.

  2. Richard Armitage is a great actor, but he was NOT the right choice for Thorin. In fact, the new Hobbit trailer made me kind of sad, that they’re veering away from the book so much – that, and the fact they’re now making it into three films. Anyway, enough of the moan and groan, this is fantastic! Great work, as always.

  3. Aye, a Dwarf he is – and I really like your envisioning of him!

    This is, as I see him, the more reasonable Thorin, not the one caught up in the dragon-sickness – how did Thorin look when he was searching through the treasure for the Arkenstone, I wonder?

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