Spirit of Fire

Added just a bit of colour to the Hobbit Feest sketch of Fëanor.



And started a new sketch that I’m sure Maedhros knew he couldn’t hold off for ever…

Thinking of treating this a lot rougher, colour-wise, than I usually do. Possibly with a wash like above, maybe even charcoal, ink, acrylics – not decided yet.

3 thoughts on “Spirit of Fire

  1. Awesome! I still love your original Maedhros on Thangorodrim even if you don’t. It’s honestly the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few. Perhaps this one will be my new favorite when you get it finished. :D

  2. Feanor is always a favourite elf of mine (not too many I’ve sharing that same taste however, lol). I absolutely love how you captured his fiery spirit in that expression. I can’t wait to see that Maedhros piece finished as well. Keep up the amazing work!!

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