The Oath has been awakened…

Finished piece (here’s the process). The post was becoming so long that I decided not to hide the finished image at the bottom!

Click to enlarge!


‘A Silmaril of Fëanor burns again in the woods of Doriath’; and the oath of the sons of Fëanor was waked again from sleep. For while Lúthien wore the Necklace of the Dwarves no Elf would dare to assail her; but now hearing of the renewal of Doriath and of Dior’s pride, the seven gathered again from wandering…

Detail shots (click to enlarge):


14 thoughts on “The Oath has been awakened…

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  2. Wow! Such a stunning piece finished in record time! As I said in the process, it is wonderful :-) love the horses and the overall scenario, everything is so detailed, intense and believable – just as it ought to be, in an after-Defeat land…

    • Thank you! And thanks for letting me know that the Elisa I’ve been chatting to animatedly on Facebook is the erzsebet91 I’ve been chatting to animatedly on my blog! ^^

      • XD you’re welcome! I seem to be quite a long-winded person, isn’t it? Tolkien makes me this effect :-) hope to have the occasion to chat animatedly with you again!

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