Epic: Nod

*coughs* It’s been a while since I fell madly in love with a cartoon character. I think the last one was Fireball from Saber Rider. But well, it had to happen again eventually. I couldn’t help it. It was the hair. And golden brown eyes. *cough*


Liquid watercolours on Fabriano Artistico Cold-pressed.


5 thoughts on “Epic: Nod

  1. Beautiful painting! I love the browns and greens–and his expression. It looks mischievous and warm-hearted, if that makes any sense. :-)

    Elisabeth from America

  2. Wonderfully done, but I was taken aback by something you said.

    I didn’t think anyone remembered Saber Rider! Talk about getting into the wayback machine. Fireball wasn’t my guy, I had a soft spot for the bad guy who had a crush on April. Jessie Blue I think they called him? What can I say. I have a weakness for bad guys who have redeeming qualities.

    Again, excellent work!

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