Tolkien-Tag am Niederrhein


I spent the weekend at Tolkien-Tag am Niederrhein (Tag being the German word for day; just in case you thought it was a weird game of tag, you’re it.)

Had a bunch of very nice conversations and a drawing workshop, and sold a couple of prints – and got some art done! It’s always a good idea to sketch while I sit at my stand. I don’t know why, but people will never believe that I drew these things I’m selling. And even if I tell them, they’ll assume I’ll just “print them out” or, hilariously, “Do you draw those freehand? Or do you use… stencils?”


Yup. Never go anywhere without my “Finwë dying in Fëanor’s arms” stencil.


I also did two more sketchbooks. The left was a commission, the right one is for sale. Any takers? I’ll make it 35 € instead of the usual 40 for sketchbooks because it wasn’t a free prompt. And because Éomer’s hand is a bit wonky.

9 thoughts on “Tolkien-Tag am Niederrhein

    • They pop out of computers like that, didn’t you know? You just need Photoshop and secret knowledge of the secret “great art” button on your computer.

  1. haha, I always used to get that when people saw me halfway through drawing something, they’d come over and look at me poking the half finsihed drawing with a pencil, and say ‘wow, did you draw that??’ I’d always give them a funny look, and say ‘no, I searched for this half finished drawing on google, printed it out and am now sitting here pretending to continue drawing it so people think I can draw’

    People can be very strange creatures sometimes!

    on an unrelated note, I love how your table cloth matches your arts.

    • Yes, that table cloth was a great find! :)

      Your comment is as funny as it is true – because, very obviously, that must be what people are thinking! And they think that we artists are weird.

  2. “Yup. Never go anywhere without my “Finwë dying in Fëanor’s arms” stencil.”


    Still, it might be a handy thing to have . . .

  3. “Yup. Never go anywhere without my “Finwë dying in Fëanor’s arms” stencil.”

    Now if it were a ‘Maedhros from 50 angles’ stencil there might be grounds for believing this…

    ..and do people who attend your workshops get given knowledge of the secret ‘great art’ button? Or is it like the crystal ball / magic wand two-pack that got handed out on one of the days I skipped lectures at Uni?

  4. Maybe they figure it’s like Star Trek. “Computer, draw me a picture of Finwe dying in Feanor’s arms.”

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