Fingon and Aredhel – mixed media experiment

I doodled a very nice Fingon and Aredhel into my sketchbook yesterday – with coloured pencil, which yielded some really charming results. I decided to try watercolour on top of those – only to realise that my coloured pencils were water soluble.


So I printed the sketches out on watercolour paper again, and got to work, spraying the entire paper with water and then laying down a Quinachridone Gold wash.


A bit of flesh-tint with Burnt Sienna and Madder Red.


Some Ultramarine for the shadows.


More reddish and bluish tints. I really like this effect. Maybe next time I try this technique, I won’t do it on a character with dark hair.


Painting the hair with Ultramarine, Madder, and rather a lot of Shadow Violet.


Some final touches with paint, and later some more with Polychromos and white gel pen.










6 thoughts on “Fingon and Aredhel – mixed media experiment

  1. These turned out beautifully, Jenny! Some of your best studies come from your idle sketches! Excellent. ;)

  2. What a happy “mistake,” because these are your loveliest portraits yet! Keep mixing those media.

  3. These pictures are beautiful, as well as the colors! I like your mixed media effect. Fingon is my favorite character, and I love the masculine and noble way you’ve portrayed him (girly elves are truly horrendous). Aredhel is beautiful too, but she also looks strong and proud. Great work!

    Miss Potter

  4. I thought the sketches were wonderful (and reminiscent of certain Michaelangelo cartoons with the red line-work) but the coloured versions are simply gorgeous! :)

  5. I just adore your Fingon, and I’m curious – do you ever plan to redo your Nirnaeth Arnoediad painting? I would love to see what you’d do with that scene now, since all your recent paintings have been simply incredible. Or maybe some other take on the Nirnaeth …

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