Harp lessons

This commission really took me some failed attempts – I couldn’t get two people and a harp to work without reference.


It only worked when I grabbed my husband and daughter and had them pose for a few reference shots. My daughter’s cutely contorted feet then made it into the drawing. The harp ought to go between Elrond’s legs, I know – but hey, Maglor still has a lot to teach him. And I really, really had to keep those legs.


The lineart:


And finally, a light watercolour wash (that still took age to dry last night – the humidity was so high that it took over an hour. I had to resort to the hair dryer!)





14 thoughts on “Harp lessons

  1. Interesting especially giving your other post about reference versus imagination. Seems to me that using models, live or stock, to help you get a pose right, draws (so to speak) from both camps.

    • It is very much a collaborative process between reference shot and idea! Of necessity – even if I had harps, embroidered gowns and that kind of wig handy, my husband would prefer to break a leg to donning them.

      • Just think, then he would be in sufficient agony to help you with the wounded-Maedhros portrraits, poor, long-suffering husband that he is.

  2. I must say, because I do not believe I’ve said it yet, that I like your Maglor very much, and that now he is pretty much my Maglor as well… This is such a gentle picture; that light watercolour wash certainly helps to keep that quality.

  3. Beautiful. I love it when you draw Elves with harps. I play the harp, mostly because of Tolkien. Mine’s a lot smaller though. Have you ever played one, Jenny?

  4. That is such a sweet picture! I love the gentleness of Maglor’s face and hands, and the innocence of Elrond! Thank you for sharing this pic with us!

    Miss Potter

  5. What a lovely picture! I know it is only half finished now, and I can hardly wait to see what it will be like when you are done with it! :D

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