First Workshop 2013

I’ve held my first of two workshop this weekend, and we’ve had two fantastic days with interesting people, heaps of creativity, loads of fun, and of course gorgeous art!  Take a look!

I did a demonstration of skin and clothes again, and Hannibal acted as my new demonstration model.

It seems that the skin-shading there caught the only sunlight in the only ten minutes today that we had any sunshine. Otherwise I can’t explain where all the orange came from – I definitely didn’t make it so orange. The last shot reflects the actual colours (when the sky over Aachen was back to grey). Or possibly because the direction I took the final photo from was different (frontal instead of sideways) and that did something with  the light.

The final Hannibal piece:


8 thoughts on “First Workshop 2013

  1. A lot of nice artworks there :) A question regarding your demo piece – how did this vibrant orange turn into tanned skin colour? Is it a case of a photo or the colour becomes less vibrant after drying?

    • It’s got to be the photo – it never was this orange in real life! :) I was shocked at the photo, too. Perhaps that was the only fifteen minutes of sunlight we had today, that resulted in all the orange…

  2. Jenny, in the last step, how did you cool down the warmth of his skin colours??? Did you use a wash of blue or violet????

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