New sketchbook, new Hannibal

I love my new sketchbook! It’s a A4 watercolour sketchbook from Stillman&Birn, and the paper is almost too good to be true. It survives two dozen nose corrections with pencil and eraser and multiple layers of watercolour. Yay!

King Prusias of Bithynia. The man who sold Hannibal to the Romans (or would have, if the prize hadn’t committed suicide).


Next, more elaborate illustration: “Letters from Qart Hadasht”. (Qart Hadasht, “Newtown”, is the Punic name for Carthage).


Classical Antiquity is certainly broadening my colour choices.  But I need to rethink my standard skin tones… Burnt Sienna is great for Elves, but doesn’t cut it for Carthaginians.


Concepts for Hasdrubal and Mago, the strategist’s brothers.


2 thoughts on “New sketchbook, new Hannibal

  1. It does look as though you are getting closer with the skin tones, however. I matched my arm to your painting and it looks like (from here) it could use a little ochre or a bit of that dull grey green you have in the hillside. Just me – You know best, as always!
    Beautiful work!

    • Very cool, Becky – you’re a great skintone model!

      I’ll probably keep fidding witht he skintones for a while. I need to find something that is not too muddy – need to experiment. Ochre sounds good.

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