Land submerged

The recent rainstorms and flooding in Germany have flooded our basement. Books, prints, even one original (“All the others, gone”) destroyed. I’ll be busy with clearing up for a while, and in the hours that remain, I’ll be working on *Cannae* so I don’t fall too far behind schedule. If I don’t reply to emails, notes, or anything else, forgive me.  Print sales are suspended for the time being.

Watercolour workshop (1) 2014

We braved the hottest day of the German summer 2014, found out that some cookies can as well be drunk as eaten, avoided the two bunny problem, discussed an Elven hair-braiding phalanx (“Leeeft turn! Braid!”) and generally painted the Schmendrick way (“Paint, do as you will!”)

Thanks to a few very thoughtful participants, we didn’t have to paint in enemy territory either. XD

(Workshop brought to you by Daniel Smith. And Schmincke. And Winsor/Newton and Lukas and Tintoretto and Van Gogh.)

It’s been another lovely weekend with you fantastic people.  Looking forward to next week with more fantastic people!