Land submerged

The recent rainstorms and flooding in Germany have flooded our basement. Books, prints, even one original (“All the others, gone”) destroyed. I’ll be busy with clearing up for a while, and in the hours that remain, I’ll be working on *Cannae* so I don’t fall too far behind schedule. If I don’t reply to emails, notes, or anything else, forgive me.  Print sales are suspended for the time being.


8 thoughts on “Land submerged

  1. Verdammt! Mir war bis eben gar nicht bewusst, dass es anderswo in Deutschland so schlimm aussieht, hier (München) hat sich das schlechte Wetter in Grenzen gehalten. Ich hoffe der Schaden am Haus ist nicht zu groß.
    Ich wünsche dir alles Gute.

  2. Since the insurance didn’t cover the damage, do you need any kind of monetary assistance?

    On a side note – perhaps this is a sign from the gods about what your next project should be once
    you’re done with Cannae.

    A graphical novel about the people of Doggerland(the real “Land Submerged”).

    IE, what happened to them during the final(currently theorized)tsunami that would have finalized
    the flooding and erasure of the low islands making up Doggerland.

    Just an idea. :-)

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