Darkness over Cannae

High time to make an official “Cannae” post! The book has been finished for about a month, and is available through the website.


And of course, the question that everyone’s been asking: What next?

The short answer: I don’t know.

The long answer: I want to do something like this again. Wherein “something like this” is a loose way to put it. Right now, I am divided in totally equal parts between the crossing of the Alps, the fall of Carthage, the Numidian rebel Tacfarinas, and the story of Blodeuwedd and Llew Llyn Gaffes.

As I said… loosely put! ;) Time will tell. First, I need to get the “Cannae” booklet done; then we’ll know more…

13 thoughts on “Darkness over Cannae

    • No vote right now, I’m afraid – whatever I do needs to be 100% what I want to do, or the outcome won’t be good. But don’t underestimate Tacfarinas. ;)

    • I certainly must have seen a connection between the Silmarillion and my love for history, or I wouldn’t have fallen for both of them in such quick succession.

  1. If your next book is historical I’d buy it. If it is fantasy I buy it. Naturally one can never have enough Hannibal and/or other classical topics. Ever thought of Xanthippus?

  2. Tacfarinas sounds interesting. I’ve always suspected that his rebellion was one of several reasons why Tiberius called Germanicus back home in AD 16 and claimed the return of two of the three eagles lost in Germania after the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest a victory. Rome had too many frontiers to defend, and the Rhine might be held, the Elbe not so much. ;)

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