Glorfindel’s return to Rivendell


Watercolour and Ecoline, 30×42 cm

A “missing scene” of the Second Age: Glorfindel, after his death battling a Balrog after the Fall of Gondolin, is reembodied in Valinor and returns to Rivendell – and, for the first time, meets Elrond, who would not have been born if it hadn’t been for Glorfindel’s sacrifice.

Some steps:

19 thoughts on “Glorfindel’s return to Rivendell

  1. …..and Jenny returns to Middle-earth – with one of my favourite characters; yay! This is great; I really like the expressions – definitely some tension and apprehension there.

    And lots of Shadow Violet?

  2. Ahhh, Moonglow was one of the ones I wanted too. DS seems to do a lovely range of purpley-greys. I have tried mixing such colours, but they can be a bit hit and miss.

    • It’s really tough to mix them, as you have the get components with the same opacity and level of granulation – they know why they package them separately ;)

  3. Great stuff, Jenny! More from the Silmarillion please or how about some of those grey-yeyed Sea Kings of old? ;-)

    • Interesting – and now that you say it, Tom Hiddleston looks WAY more Elvish than Hugo Weaving. I can’t stop thinking “Take the Ring to Mordor, Mr Anderson” whenever I watch the movies.

  4. Elrond looks rather sceptical, doesn’t he? :D “… Glorfindel. THE Glorfindel? OMG!”

    As usual, I want to steal the background. I have no idea how you do that and it works so well! Also, Glorfindel’s cloak lining is fantastic.


  5. Oh, how beautiful! I’m so thrilled to see you beginning Tolkien art again! Perhaps you will one day finish the one with the curse of Mandos on the Noldor?

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