Speed now this feathered shaft

Maedhros therefore, being in anguish without hope, begged Fingon to shoot him with his bow; and Fingon strung an arrow, and bent his bow. And seeing no better hope he cried to Manwë, saying: ‘O King to whom all birds are dear, speed now this feathered shaft, and recall some pity for the Noldor in their need!’


J. R: R: Tolkien, The Silmarillion: Of the return of the Noldor

Watercolour and Ecoline on Canson Vidalon cold-pressed paper, 23×33 cm


6 thoughts on “Speed now this feathered shaft

  1. “Now, even as Fingon bent his bow, there flew down from the high airs Thorondor, King of Eagles, mightiest of all birds that have ever been, whose outstretched wings spanned thirty fathoms; and staying Fingon’s hand he took him up, and bore him to the face of the rock where Maedhros hung. But Fingon could not release the hell-wrought bond upon his wrist, nor sever it, nor draw it from the stone. Again therefore in his pain Maedhros begged that he would slay him; but Fingon cut off his hand above the wrist, and Thorondor bore them back to Mithrim.”

    I did this as part of a reading for TRD2015 as an arts comparison on the theme of friendship, and I used your art. I hope you did not mind. The readingwas exceptionally well-received, and this – of all of the friendships – is my favourite. Beautiful work.

  2. Hi Jenny! I haven’t connected with you off dA yet but this picture reminded me that I needed to. My username there is LimeGreenBunny.
    This piece was really fun for me to see because I just finished drawing this exact scene a few months ago (also this reminded to put it on my blog, hah). I really love the emotion you put in this. I think your skills in facial expressions/body language have grown a lot. Also I love the colors and texture.

  3. And I just wanted to say, Jenny, thank you so much for your work. You are truly one of the best Tolkien artists, bringing such life to the story through your art, while at the same time respecting the author. Thank you for your outstanding quality!

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