Patreon brainstorm

Not only one but several people have contacted me recently, asking whether I had a Patreon, and since then, I’ve been thinking about how to set one up for me – which is a bit unusual, it seems, as most Patreon artists seem to be relying mainly on digital content as giveaways, and most are digital artists.

Think of Patreon as an ongoing Kickstarter – you sponsor an artist over a longer period of time, and you get goodies in return. The cruncher is that the whole idea of Patreon is to run for months or longer, and allow the artist to focus on things he or she loves to do, which of course means that the rewards need to strike a balance between what makes the patrons happy and what the artist can give and still be productive.

Here’s some reward ideas I am thinking of offering. I’d be glad to hear your ideas, too – if you could imagine supporting me, please weigh in in the comments!

Low reward tiers (~1-5 Euros):

  • Shoutouts on my website
  • Access to previews, tutorials, art before I upload them; access to exclusive wallpapers, avatars, and hi-res line art to colour (patrons only)
  • raffle tickets for prints, original art, and commissions. These will start small, but will bet bigger and more elaborate as “milestone goals” are reached
  • chance to weigh in on what I’ll be drawing
  • chance to request tutorials

Mid reward tiers (~10-50 Euros):

  • all of the above plus:
  • Stickers, prints, postcards, bookmarks of my art (actual tangible rewards every month)
  • more raffle tickets (3 instead of one) for commission and original art giveaway raffle

High reward tiers (~50-100 Euros per month – I can dream, right?)

  • all of the above, plus:
  • monthly facsimile prints
  • more raffle tickets (5 instead of one) for commission and original art giveaway raffle
  • Patreon bookmarks created for all high-tier patrons; the lineart will be the same for all and printed, but it will be coloured by hand

And don’t worry: I will NOT restrict my general posting habits and uploads for the public – sponsoring me is an extra reward if you like my art and would like to support me creating it, not blackmail. ;)

If you have any more ideas that are easily doable in higher numbers, and would make you happy, let’s hear them! :)

11 thoughts on “Patreon brainstorm

  1. I first discovered Patreon via Amanda Palmer (Neil Gaiman’s very talented wife!) and thought the idea was perfect for many of the artists I know; you specifically! I think the idea is sound, and I will be happy to contribute – probably in the mid-range.
    The list of Percs is good. I can’t think of anything to add immediately, but I will give it some thought and let you know,


  2. The rewards are looking great! maybe some sort of event every 3/6 months could be an added bonus? Can’t quite think of what you’d do though. Looking forward to seeing you on Patreon :)

    • Events are always tricky because most of the people who’d support me live so far away. I’ve thought about this kind of thing too, but it just doesn’t sound very doable if you live in Germany. :)

  3. Wouldn’t you end up spending a lot on shipping costs with the tangible rewards?
    What about making of videos and / or tutorials? (Though I realise “making of” videos are way easier if you do digital work.

    • I’ll make sure all perks that include shipping won’t ruin me – I already *nearly* managed that for Cannae, and have grown wiser since! ;)

      I’m thinking of making “video” a milestone goal – I’d then invest in the hardware to do it in the first place!

  4. I have a Patreon account and I think it’s a great idea for you. You already have a very solid following (me included) and that always helps. Your rewards look nice and sound. We have a group of fine artists on Facebook who all work in traditional media and it appears to be working well for most of them, even when we are from the UK or Japan. :P

  5. Great idea Jenny. I just recently pointed another artist to this site in the hope that it may give her chance to get her work published.

  6. I can’t think of any other suggestions for perks, but I think those sound brilliant and would love to contribute if and when you got one :)

  7. This is really a great idea and something I would see a point in it to pay a small monthly fee. And with a still good stuffed perk for a even small budget and the chance to get more insight – really nice idea! There’s only one thing I would think about: What if you are requested to paint things you actually don’t like or you can’t keep up the “deadlines” lines due whatever… water in the house or 2000 Patreons or so. I mean that would be great (second one, NOT the first one) but you would end up in an endless pile of envelopes or your house ends up like the postal office of Pratchetts “Going postal” :)

    • You can limit any perks you can’t fulfil indefinitely, which I will do for the higher perks. :) The commissions via Patreon will be limited to fandoms I know. That will still keep a lot of people happy but won’t break my back.

      And well, th last time we had water in the house, I stayed up all night, pumping the basement empty and drawing three Cannae pictures – so that isn’t a problem. :P

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