Gold leaf, copper, and a redhead

There were several things I saw this month that made me want to try out gold leaf (and ImagineFX magazine accounted for several of them).

It didn’t take me long to decide I loved the effect, and needed more metals. Obviously, copper was an early choice. Also obviously, Maedhros was happy to be my guinea pig once again. (That Elf has been my guinea pig for watercolours, coloured pencils, acrylics and even oils over time, but he’s asked me not to mention the last two ever again.)

I’ll be safe mentioning this one, though. :) Still learning how to apply it best, on what surfaces, and in what weather (34°C seems to be suboptimal), but I just love the effect!


Prints here!

8 thoughts on “Gold leaf, copper, and a redhead

  1. Looks really good – the touch of foil on the clothing is just lovely and the mat decoration balances it all beautifully.

    Did I imagine it, or have you got something in ImagineFX coming up? If so, can you give people warning – it’s a hard magazine to find here (nothing about food or brides😏)

  2. The effect suits the water colour well. The diadem looks really three dimensional after the treatment. Do you think this could work with weopons and armour on one of your Cannae illustrations?

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