Ben and little Rey

Okay, this is it. I’m illustrating headcanons that have a fat chance of being AU in two years’ time. I regret nothing.

Ben Solo (around 15) and Rey (around 4) at the Jedi Academy. Ben is already firmly under Snoke’s influence, already knowing he has to kill his fellow students on Snoke’s orders, and allows nobody to break into his shell. Rey is still trying.


“Why are you angry?”
“Get lost.”

Watercolour on Clairefontaine Grain Nuageux paper, 30×21 cm.

Original here.
Okay, I’ve broken down and made prints available. :)


Sketch to painting video here.

16 thoughts on “Ben and little Rey

  1. Oh my goodness, why do I feel almost like I’m about to cry?! This painting is so beautiful and heartrending all at once. Little Rey is so adorable, and I’m just hurting for Ben here. Love the theory too. Absolutely amazing. :)

  2. I’m so sad I missed this one on the big screen (Korean cinemas didn’t run it longer than a month…!) – now I’m spoiled, already know all of the characters and have headcanons WITHOUT even knowing the exact plot. As a long-time fan of Adam Driver, I love how you drew him!

  3. Jenny, I love your work! “Ben and Little Rey” has inspired a story My blog is devoted to imagining Ben and Rey’s past and the special connection they share. My goal is to post a new story each week. I was wondering if you would allow me include the image of “Ben and Little Rey” in the post of “Moonflower” with a link to your blog and Etsy sites. I would love for more people to discover your work!

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  6. Hallo Jenny!

    Dieses Bild hab ich schon etwa hundert Mal auf Pinterest gesehen und es geht mir jedes Mal wieder ans Herz! Ich dachte ich schau endlich mal, wer hinter “Jenny Dolfen” steckt und habe mich gefreut zu sehen, dass du aus Deutschland bist (Schweiz hier)!
    Deine Arbeiten sind alle absolut fantastisch und das meiste davon umfasst offenbar zwei Welten die ich absolut liebe – Star Wars und Tolkien! Es ist wirklich eine Freude, deine Bilder anzuschauen. Diese Farben, und die Details, alles daran ist perfekt. Ich wünschte ich könnte nur annähernd so gut malen oder zeichnen. Einfach nur wow!

  7. My favourite so far!

    I absolutely love how it tells a story, not to mention the way you beautifully blended the colours and oh I could go on forever!

  8. This is so amazing! It’s also wild that you painted this so many years ago. I’m working on my own sequel trilogy fan-fic right now that involves Rey having been one of the students at Luke’s Jedi Temple, and until today, I thought that this idea was original! haha. Great minds think alike, I suppose ;)

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