“That hairy beast”

Kylo Ren remembering Chewie. Or trying not to.

Just as he calls his father “Han Solo” to avoid any emotional ties to him, I imagine he avoids thinking of Chewie as anything than in terms of “that hairy beast” or maybe the “walking carpet” Threepio and Leia used to denote the Wookiee. Especially after being shot by him.

Except “Fuzzball”. That was Han’s. He wouldn’t use that.


Watercolour and gel pen on Hahnemühle Le Rouge cold-pressed paper.

Original here.

7 thoughts on ““That hairy beast”

  1. Oh my goodness… so sad. :( I think Chewie must have intentionally shot to injure because he couldn’t bring himself to kill the child he still saw Kylo as. Gahhhh. *hugs them both*

    Amazing painting. :)

    • Much as I like that comic where Chewie does that, in the movie, he roars in rage, and would probably have killed if Kylo wasn’t so hard to kill. :( That’s how I saw it, at least.

      • I saw it as an act of pure rage as well- and I actually really hated that as a plot choice, mainly because it seems so out of character. In the expanded universe novels, Chewie dies saving one of Han’s kids. And in the movie they put him shooting one of them??? It doesn’t make any sense, Chewie literally adores Han, so why would he try to hurt someone his best friend loved?

        • It would have been more believable if there had been a second of hesitation, but I’m quite sure a lot of viewers wouldn’t have understood that. Emotion and insecurity in the face of rage is hard to convey for an actor in a fursuit. I do get that, given choice between Han and Han’s son, Chewie’s loyalty is to Han – especially if that son just killed him.

  2. “Why do you have so many shirtless Adam Driver pictures in your hard drive”?
    “For science…”

    Awesome illustration, even though it hurts. (I have always been a big fan of Han Solo, so I am really, really, really sad).
    I do love the colour scheme. :)

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