“It – it says here you can only bring one pet?”

Little Newt gets his Hogwarts letter.

One of my patrons suggested that, up to 1908, that passage was actually missing from the official Hogwarts letter, and was only introduced in 1909, after a student had tried to bring two Puffskeins, a Kneazle, and a baby Hippogriff (“He can sleep under my bed; I’ve got him house-trained, he’s no trouble!”) onlyonepet_col

Watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache on Etival grain fin paper, 18×28 cm. Newt kindly modelled by my son (with a pillow over his shoulder – Loki wouldn’t stay put long enough).

4 thoughts on ““It – it says here you can only bring one pet?”

  1. Hello,
    Beautiful work!
    I notice you use gold leaf and wondered if you could recommend an application/glue and gold leaf (brand) suitable for use on watercolours? Any tips appreciated, I watched a YouTube tutorial
    You completed but couldn’t see the brand used

    Many thanks

    • Hi Katie! The brand doesn’t matter much as long is it’s actual gold. Metal foil can’t be made as thin as real gold foil, so if it’s the actual thing, it’ll usually work. If you get it in an artist store (online or offline) as opposed to amazon or ebay, you stand a good chance of getting high quality gold leaf. I once was unlucky with a seller on amazon.

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