10/31 – Sam Vimes

10/31 – Sam Vimes

Just a very quick one today – I was torn between doing two better ones tomorrow, or skipping today, and in the end I decided to go through with this.
Commander Sam Vimes from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. It took me a long time to pick up Discworld. I’d made the mistake of getting the first book in German, and the translation felt to me so cumbersome and laboured that I couldn’t get through the first page.

It was a decade before I picked any Terry Pratchett up again. This time, it was “Guards! Guards!”, in English, and I loved it straight away. I still haven’t read anything from the Discworld series apart from the Night Watch books, but those I love. Vimes is so much fun. He’s totally unlike anyone else on this list.

His likeness is based on the late and wonderful Pete Postlethwaite. The pteryges (leather straps) have been stolen from Doris L.’s depiction of him. XD

Size: 500 × 691

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