16/31 – Tangaloor Firefoot

16/31 – Tangaloor Firefoot

Two days without or with little time for art, and while I did this one last night, I didn’t even want to upload him. I’m mainly putting him up to push myself through this.

Tangaloor Firefoot is a character from Tad Williams’ novel “Tailchaser’s Song”, which I read when I was twelve. I’ve never reread it, as I’ve always had trouble with the sloooow beginnings in Williams’ books (I never got into Memory, Sorrow and Thorn), but I really liked the cat mythology and aitiology in “Tailchaser’s Song”, which was reminiscent of that in Watership Down. It explained, among other things, the religious background of cats turning around three times before they lie down. (They do it to honour Meerclar Allmother, Fela Skydancer, and Harar Goldeneye.) I have since discovered that some rebellious tomcats forego the honours to Fela and Harar, but apparently, not even they dare to anger Meerclar, so one turn seems to be obligatory.

Tangaloor Firefoot was kindly modelled by rebellious tomcat Loki Snowfoot.

Size: 550 × 794

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